About us

Fissler is a 6th generation family-owned company and internationally known for producing premium cookware made in Germany. By combining carefully selected materials, years of experience and a great deal of passion, we have been designing, developing and crafting exceptional products at our local production sites since 1845, turning cooking into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our values

Fissler is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality cookware. To us, this is both an obligation and a motivation. Whether it’s developing new products or driving innovations forward, we always strive to achieve one goal: to make cooking a fun and fulfilling experience by creating the best possible products. Through close attention to detail – from the careful selection of raw materials to the constant monitoring of the manufacturing process – we are able to ensure the highest standard of quality for every product carrying the name Fissler.

Our products

With our broad range of cookware, we offer just the right products for every taste, every dish and every type of hob. Well thought out details, unique features and timeless design elements let you enjoy cooking in style.

Our innovations

A strong drive for innovation has always been an integral part of Fissler's history. In search of smart kitchen solutions, we are constantly working on developing new products and improve existing ones. Countless registered designs and awards demonstrate our company’s impressive performance.

Our innovations:

  • the cookstar all-stove base which provides perfect stability to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly on the stove, thus saving energy.
  • the first Fissler pressure cooker in 1953
    Learn more about the pressure cooker: 65 years of pressure cooker
  • the nonstick coating protectal-plus for pans

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