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levital: Fissler’s Innovation

Cook with less fat, enjoy healthy meals: Fissler levital comfort takes its clues from nature

Especially today, with people placing greater value on a healthy diet, consumers are looking for a pan that will allow them to fry foods in a healthy way, using little or no fat. With the new levital comfort pan, Fissler has developed a pan that meets these criteria precisely.

Nature often provides the best source of inspiration for making our dreams come true – both big and small. Do we want to fly like birds? Leonardo da Vinci designs a flying machine. Are we tired of lacing our shoes? Burrs provide the inspiration for Velcro fasteners. Do you want to fry food without fat and without sticking? Here, once again, a solution is offered by nature. By lotus leaves, to be exact. The leaves of the lotus flower are always clean. But why? Because tiny bumps on each leaf’s surface prevent dirt and water droplets from adhering to it. This is called the “lotos effect”.

Fissler takes advantage of this mechanism for the sealing of the new levital comfort pan. Its extremely durable nonstick sealing allows for low-calorie frying with little or no fat. Which results in a healthier diet. Presto: another wish come true. And it’s sustainable, too, because tests have shown that the sealing wears out more slowly than that of competing products. At the same time, the pan is 100% free of PFOA and PFOS and very easy to clean.

Thanks to its high pan body, the levital comfort pan also holds more food. A practical measuring scale on the inside of the pan makes cooking easier. In addition, the newly developed ergonomic safety handle is comfortable and safe to hold, thanks to its elliptical cross section. The integrated handle indentation makes for comfortable handling and facilitates sautéing and turning out vegetables, pancakes, or egg dishes. Thumb stop and finger protection prevent slipping – even with wet hands.

The induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base is particularly efficient and energy-saving in absorbing, distributing, and storing heat.

The pans in the levital comfort line will be available at quality retailers everywhere from April, 2020, in the sizes 20, 24, 26 and 28 cm diameter. The pans have a 5-year warranty.

Recommended retail prices:

  • levital comfort pan, 20 cm Ø
RRP 99,00 €
  • levital comfort pan, 24 cm Ø
RRP 109,00 €
  • levital comfort pan, 26 cm Ø
RRP 119,00 €
  • levital comfort pan, 28 cm Ø
RRP 129,00 €


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