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New edition of a classic:

Fissler adds the pure-profi collection with a strong design to its iconic original-profi collection pot series.

Every classic – from furniture to apparel – combines two characteristics: unique design and uncompromising quality. These timeless pieces stay with you for many years and through different phases in life.

The world of cookware also has its classics that have stood the test of decades. Fissler’s original-profi collection is one of them. It is considered an icon on the cookware market. It was developed more than 40 years ago in collaboration with master chefs, with the aim of meeting the demands of both gourmet and home kitchens. Designed by professionals for professionals. Thanks to its timeless, purist design and its continually improving quality, it is one of the most successful cookware lines in the world, with over 10 million units sold. From March 2020, it will have a sister line: the pure-profi collection.

Uncompromising in quality and design, the pure-profi collection represents the evolution of the world’s most-copied pot design, providing a modern design alternative at the same professional quality. The new design is straight-lined and clean, yet with a striking contour. High-gloss-polished and matte elements, angular shapes, and an angled handle with an allround dot design create a modern, aesthetic look.

The new line, made of high-quality, satin-finished 18/10 stainless steel, not only boasts a modern design, but also comes with many practical features that make cooking wonderfully convenient. Stainless steel stay-cool metal handles make sure the handle never burns your hand when cooking. Thanks to the extra-wide pouring rim, you can pour out liquids without dripping, while the integrated, laser-etched measuring scale helps measure contents. The curved metal lid ensures that condensed steam drips back down, making dishes even more juicy and tasty. The pots from the pure-profi collection are “Made in Germany” and can be used on all types of stoves, as well as in the oven. The cookstar all-stove base lies perfectly flat on the stove, allowing you to cook energy-efficiently.

Its mix of design and functionality makes the pure-profi collection the perfect pot series for aesthetes with high quality and design standards. It is a clear lifestyle statement, not only in open kitchens.

The pure-profi collection’s range includes stew pots and roasters in various sizes, a saucepan, a serving pan, a wok with a handle, and a round roaster. It will be available on the market from March 2020, with a 10-year guarantee.

Recommended retail prices:

  • pure-profi collection stew pot, 16 cm Ø
RRP 139,00 €
  • pure-profi collection stew pot, 20 cm Ø
RRP 159,00 €
  • pure-profi collection stew pot, 24 cm Ø
RRP 189,00 €
  • pure-profi collection high stew pot, 24 cm Ø
RRP 229,00 €
  • pure-profi collection high stew pot, 28 cm Ø
RRP 259,00 €
  • pure-profi collection roaster, 20 cm Ø
RRP 149,00 €
  • pure-profi collection roaster, 24 cm Ø
RRP 179,00 €
  • pure-profi collection saucepan without lid, 16 cm Ø
RRP 129,00 €
  • pure-profi collection serving pan without lid, 28 cm Ø
RRP 179,00 €
  • pure-profi collection round roaster with high-dome lid, 28 cm Ø
RRP 239,00 €
  • pure-profi collection wok with long handle, 30 cm Ø
RRP 289,00 €
  • pure-profi collection 5-piece set consisting of
RRP 649,00 €
Stew pot, 16 cm Ø 
Stew pot, 20 cm Ø 
Stew pot, 24 cm Ø< 
Roaster, 20 cm Ø 
Saucepan without lid, 16 cm Ø 
  • pure-profi collection 5-piece set consisting of
RRP 699,00 €
Stew pot, 16 cm Ø 
Stew pot, 20 cm Ø 
Stew pot, 24 cm Ø 
Roaster, 20 cm Ø 
Serving pan without lid,28 cm Ø 

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Fissler is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware. The premium brand’s range includes pots, pans, and pressure cookers. With perfection, precision, and skilled workmanship “Made in Germany”, the family-run company ensures that cooking is always a joy, with delicious results every time. The innovative design and exceptional quality of its products have won Fissler numerous awards over the years. Founded in Idar-Oberstein by Carl Philipp Fissler in 1845, the company now employs more than 800 people and is active in over 80 countries. For further information, please visit