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Fissler strengthens its brand profile

With a global relaunch, Fissler is strengthening its position as a global leader in manufacturing high-quality cookware. At the same time, the long-established company from Idar-Oberstein, Germany, is underlining its determination never to rest on its laurels.

In addition to the development of a communicative vision, the most comprehensive relaunch in the premium cookware manufacturer’s history involves a fundamental revision of the visual brand presence. These changes will be implemented step by step and will be visible and tangible at all touchpoints, from POS to flyers and packaging to Fissler’s online presence. "The relaunch is an important milestone for Fissler because it has laid the foundation for leading the brand nationally and internationally into a successful future and making it even stronger," emphasizes CEO Alexander Selch. "We are binding consumers more closely to the Fissler brand. Our products will also be recognized more clearly and distinctively”, adds Claudia Bubach, Director of Marketing.

The passion for high-quality cookware “Made in Germany” continues to be at the heart of Fissler’s brand vision and will continue to determine the course of the family-run business, now in its sixth generation. Fissler promises products that are among the best in their respective categories and which not only make cooking but also the subsequent dining with family and friends a special experience.

About Fissler

Fissler is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware. The product range of this premium brand includes pots, pans, pressure cookers, and many other kitchen helpers. With perfection, precision, and skilled workmanship "Made in Germany", the family-run company ensures that cooking is always a joy, with delicious results every time. Fissler has earned numerous awards for the innovative design and outstanding quality of its products. Founded in Idar-Oberstein by Carl Philipp Fissler in 1845, the company now employs more than 800 people and is active in over 80 countries. Further information is available at:

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