Conditions of participation

These conditions of participation ("CoP") apply to the online Christmas sweepstakes by Fissler GmbH ("Fissler") between the participants in this campaign and Fissler. By participating in the sweepstakes, the participant declares his or her acceptance of these conditions of participation. Online sweepstakes are those for which only online participation is possible.


1. Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes is organised by Fissler. All prizes are sponsored by Fissler, which means Fissler is the exclusive prize sponsor. All questions, comments, and complaints regarding the sweepstakes should be sent to kundendienst(at)


2. Participation

(1) All persons of legal age residing in Germany, Austria or the United Kingdom are eligible to enter.

(2) To enter the sweepstakes, a person must perform the following steps:


The participant must complete the registration form at, answer the question “What’s the distance between the moon and earth?”  and accept the conditions of participation. As soon as the form is sent to Fissler with the "Send" button, the participant has entered the sweepstakes. The participant is responsible for correctness, in particular of his or her email and/or postal address. The entry form must be submitted by the deadline specified in the sweepstakes. The electronic receipt date of the email or database entry at Fissler is the sole factor in determining whether an entry was submitted on time.

(3) All personal information provided must be correct and true for you to be eligible to participate in the sweepstakes. Otherwise your entry may be excluded as per Section 3 (4).

3. Exclusion from the sweepstakes

(1) Employees of Fissler and employees of companies commissioned to carry out the sweepstakes, as well as their close relatives (such as parents, siblings and children) are not eligible to participate.

(2) In case of any violation of these conditions of participation, Fissler reserves the right to exclude individuals from participating in the sweepstakes.

(3) Anyone who uses illegal tools or otherwise attempts to manipulate the sweepstakes to their benefit will also be excluded from participating. We also reserve the right to void and demand return of all prizes in such cases.

(4) Anyone who submits incorrect personal information can be excluded from the sweepstakes.


4. Execution and handling


(1) Entries for the sweepstakes are accepted between 21 November and 24 December 2019. Every participant who has accepted the conditions of participation, filled in their personal information and answered the question will win an instant prize and automatically take part in the drawing for 4 main prizes. Only one entrée per participant.  As soon as the form is sent to Fissler with the "Send" button, various instant prizes (see section 4 (3)) are drawn in the form of discount codes for the Fissler Online Shop ( Prizes are awarded at random for each entered lucky code.

(2) In addition, 4 main prizes (see section 4 (4)) will be drawn among all participants. The drawing for the main prizes will take place 6 January 2020. All prizes will be drawn at random. The sweepstakes can be shared through a Facebook Share button.


Discount vouchers for the Fissler Online Shop:

(3) As soon as the form is sent to Fissler with the "Send" button, an instant prize is displayed – in the form of a discount voucher – and also sent to the winner in a one-off email. Winners may be mentioned by name on The winner explicitly declares his or her agreement to this form of publication.


Overview of the discount vouchers:

10 % vouchers

25 % vouchers

30 % vouchers

40 % vouchers

Discount codes are valid until 11:59 pm on 31 January 2020. If the winner does not redeem a code in the Fissler Online Shop ( by 11:59 pm on 31 January 2020, the claim to the discount shall expire. A discount code can only be redeemed once per customer and may only be redeemed for customary quantities | The vouchers apply to the recommend retail prices listed in the Fissler Shop | The vouchers may not be redeemed for already price-reduced products | The vouchers may not be combined with other discount vouchers | Only valid on | A payout in cash is not possible


Product prizes from Fissler:

(4) Every participant of the online Christmas sweepstakes who satisfies the conditions described above is automatically entered in the drawing for 4 main prizes, on 6 January 2020. All prizes will be drawn at random. The following products can be won:

  • A diamond necklace worth €6000
  • KitchenAid food processor set worth €885
  • One of two complete Horl rolling knife sharpener sets worth €199 each



 (5) All winners will be notified by email. If the winner does not register within two (2) weeks of notification being sent, the claim to the prize lapses and a new winner will be selected at random.

(6) The claim to the prize will also be forfeited if the prize cannot be awarded within 6 months after the initial winning notification for reasons due to the winner.

(7) The prize will be sent directly and as soon as possible.

(8) Under no circumstances will a payout of a prize, remaining voucher amounts, or a potential replacement prize be made in cash.

(9) The prize is non-transferable.

(10) Any complaints regarding the execution of the sweepstakes must be submitted in writing to Fissler, within 14 days of the reason becoming known, and citing the sweepstakes. Any complaints conveyed by phone or submitted after 14 days will not be processed.


5. Early closure of the sweepstakes

Fissler reserves the right to cancel or close the sweepstakes at any time, without prior notice or stating the reasons. Fissler will in particular use this option if it is not possible to guarantee that the drawing will be carried out properly due to technical reasons (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation or faults in the hardware and/or software) or for legal reasons. If such a cancellation is caused by the behaviour of a participant, Fissler may demand that this person pay damages.


6. Data protection and privacy

(1) By confirming the Conditions of Participation, the participant accepts the valid FISSLER privacy statement. Link:

(2) Participants may request information about the use of their personal data at any time, as well as revoke their consent to store and use their personal data, without specifying a reason. To do so, simply send an email request to kundendienst(at) Use the same email address to request correction of your data.

(3) If a participant revokes their consent to use their personal data, their entry will be deleted from the database immediately. The revocation and confirmation of successful deletion of the participant's personal data will be confirmed by email upon request. Should said revocation be sent before the end of the sweepstakes, the participant is excluded from further participation in the sweepstakes.


7. Liability

(1) Fissler is released from all obligations upon handing out the prize, if this has not already occurred at an earlier point in time as a result of these regulations.

(2) Fissler is only liable for damage caused by the deliberate actions or gross negligence of Fissler or one of its vicarious agents or by the infringement of cardinal obligations. This does not apply to damage caused to the injury of life, limb and/or health.


The restricted liability stated above applies in particular to damages caused by faults, delays or interruptions to the transfer of data etc., faults in technical systems or services, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data or viruses.


8. Sweepstakes duration

The Fissler online Christmas sweepstakes runs from 21 November 2019 to 11:59 pm, 24 December 2019. Once the sweepstakes is closed, participation is no longer possible. Entries received on a later date cannot be considered.


9. Legal proceedings, jurisdiction

(1) The prize drawing results are final.

(2) The sweepstakes and these conditions of participation are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(3) Should any one of these provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation.

(4) These conditions of participation are subject to change by Fissler at any time without prior notice.


Version: 11/15/2019