Outdoor Cooking

Summer is coming, so moving your kitchen to the garden, the balcony or the patio is an attractive prospect. Outdoor cooking brings a holiday feeling to your everyday meals. No more hours of preparation alone in the kitchen. Instead, you cook, eat and celebrate together with friends. The casual atmosphere encourages everyone to join in. Just a few cooking utensils, a gas grill and an optional side-cooker turn your grill corner into a versatile open-air kitchen.

Something for everyone

Something for everyone

All meals can be prepared outdoors: simply, with variety and without annoying smells. Fans of conventional grilling will be just as happy as vegetarians and vegans.

Holiday feeling

Holiday feeling

An outdoor kitchen lets you spend warm summer evenings outside, bringing a bit of holiday to your garden.

Spend time together

Spend time together

With the right equipment, you can move your daily cooking outdoors and make dinner together with your partner, friends or the kids.

Culinary variety

Culinary variety

Fresh vegetable creations, marinated king prawns, delicious sauces or even tempting desserts can be prepared effortlessly in a properly equipped outdoor kitchen.

Enjoy the summer

Feeling the sun on your skin, sitting outdoors until long past sunset and discovering a new world of culinary delicacies – summer can be so delightful.

Stress-free cooking

Stress-free cooking

Avoid running back and forth between kitchen and patio and spend the time relaxing with friends and family instead.

Rediscover the World of Cooking

Shrimps that fall through the grill, sticky fish, burnt vegetables or shooting flames from dripping grease – is that how you remember grilling?

With special attachments, a gas grill or side burner, you can set up an outdoor kitchen quickly to turn a variety of foods into true delicacies. 

Friends bring ingredients for their favourite dishes? In an outdoor kitchen, you won't break a sweat creating juicy chicken nuggets or tofu rolls, while spicy sauces simmer on the burner.

The soup in the stew pot is almost ready and the guests are already hungry for the exotic vegetable creations from the wok. Now you just have to take the steak from the grill or the fish from the pan and your open-air menu is perfect.

And all stress-free. Outdoor cooking lets you try new things, eat fresh and enjoy in nature.

All-Round Talents for Outdoor Cooking & Grilling

A suitable pan or pot from your kitchen will ensure that your outdoor cooking event always works. Practical kitchen utensils and sturdy cookware let you customise your outdoor kitchen and make it even more convenient.

High-quality, robust cooking utensils can stay outside all year long, saving you from having to carry things back and forth and letting you get started immediately.

Sharp, easy-to-handle knives slice and dice meat, vegetables, herbs, fruit and spices in no time at all. A wok brings variety to the table for everyone who loves crisp vegetables and ingredients from the Far East.

Vegetable peelers, a utensil set and bowls are perfect complements to this close-to-nature cooking experience. It's always worth checking out the special offers from Fissler. They make outdoor cooking ingeniously simple – and turn your garden or balcony into a second dining room.

Wok with handleA wok is the universal cooking utensil for outdoor cooking. The handle makes it easy to manage on a hot grill. Create perfect classic and Asian dishes with ease.
Grill panCast-iron pans are especially suited to meat and vegetables. Their typical patina is created over time, giving the food an irresistibly rustic flavour. It's the perfect cookware for outdoor cooking.
Vegetable cutterA vegetable cutter saves time and doesn't require much space. It lets you cut up fruits and vegetables with ease.
BowlsBowls in a variety of sizes are particularly useful. They let you prepare salads and dressings directly in the garden.
SaucepanA saucepan is light and easy to use – and ideally suited to prepare sauces directly on the grill.
Chef's knifeSharp, easy-to-handle knives slice and dice meat, vegetables, herbs, fruit and spices in no time at all, making them essential.
Crêpe panA crêpe pan not only lets you create perfect, sweet crêpes, but also sunny side up eggs, pancakes and omelets.
Stew potsA stew pot has to be able to handle the strong heat on a grill. If it can, it's easy to prepare pasta, rice, potatoes or soups in the garden.
FrypanA good, sturdy, cast-iron frypan is perfect for making home fries or corn on the cob.
Kitchen AccessoriesA hang-up utensil set and other kitchen tools make preparation in the garden a snap.

Cookware Set for Outdoor Cooking

original-profi collection® wok with handle

A wok is the universal cooking utensil for outdoor cooking.

It makes it easy to create classic and Far Eastern dishes. The direct heat keeps vegetables crispy. Add tofu, noodles, seafood and aromatic spices to create sophisticated delicacies.

The original-profi collection wok with handle is heat-resistant up to 220°C.

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arcana® grill pan

Fine vegetables, fish and marinated meats get a special roasted flavour in a cast-iron grill pan.

Once you've tried a cast-iron pan, you won't want to ever give it up again. The foldable metal handle can also be removed for use on the grill or in the oven.

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finecut fruit and vegetable cutter

The finecut is a true multi-talent. It's ideal for quick chopping, drying and mixing.

Rough or fine, raw or cooked – the finecut cuts needs just seconds to cut fruits and vegetables or mix smooth sauces and dressings. The spinning basket dries rinsed herbs in a flash.

The storage feature keeps extra food fresh and delicious until the next meal. Works without electricity, can be cleaned in seconds and is a perfect addition to your garden cooking equipment.

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perfection chef's knife

Professional chef's knives are extremely sharp –and for good reason. They reliably cut meat – both raw and cooked – as well as fruits and vegetables. Herbs and spices are diced finely without crushing.

They can be used universally in both kitchen and garden. A perfection chef's knife is always a reliable companion.

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