Summer Side Dishes

Summer beckons with warm temperatures and Mediterranean dishes. Our favourites this season are couscous and white kidney beans, two particularly versatile side dishes. They're great at barbecue parties or simply for meals with friends.


The tiny beads have a slightly nutty taste and can be prepared quickly. It is usually made from seminola, for example, from durum wheat: the seminola is first soaked in water and then ground, until tiny beads are created. These beads are then sifted and dried.

Add couscous and slightly salted water 1:1 and let it soak until the water is no longer visible (which takes about 5 minutes). Stir in a spoonful of butter to make it extra smooth.

Couscous is typically served as a salad – with fish or seafood, for instance – or as a sweet dish, with milk, raisins or almonds. 

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White kidney beans in a pressure cooker are done in 1/3 of the time

Pressure Cookers

White kidney beans

These special beans are relatively firm on the outside and slightly mealy on the inside. They have a sweetly aromatic taste. White kidney beans are a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, for example, in Greek starters or Italian antipasti.

Cooking in a pressure cooker
The big advantage: the beans don't have to be pre-soaked. They can be placed directly in the cooker and cooked for 10 minutes at speed setting 2. The beans are then removed from the stove hob and left for another 10 minutes while the cooker depressurises independently.

White kidney beans taste great in stews, purees, as patties or in soups.