Tips and tricks from real professionals

Some culinary tasks are challenging even for experienced cooks – such as filleting fish or oranges. However, with the right technique, you can confidently master even these tricky challenges. For our collection of kitchen tricks, professional cooks have let the cat out of the bag and revealed how to prepare food professionally.

Step by step

Whether you are filleting or working with a multi-level pressure cooker – we will explain every working step in precise detail. In this way, you can learn to prepare your ingredients like a professional.


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Study of pans

You need one thing above all for perfect frying: The right pan. Our pan adviser shows you the best pan to help your recipe succeed – and plenty more.


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Study of pots

There are many pots but some, for example, are not suitable for an induction stove. Our pot adviser shows you the essential points and also which extras cooking professionals usually appreciate.


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Knives differ. We show you which points you should consider when selecting a knife and how you can enjoy working with your cutting-edge kitchen tool for many years.


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