The right knife for every purpose

A good knife will help you through thick and thin without any problem. At least if you have selected the appropriate knife. The wrong blade torments the food that is to be cut – and puts the cook in a bad mood. Precisely to prevent this happening we will now guide you through the large variety of different knife types.

Paring knife

With its curved blade this knife is ideally suited for peeling and cleaning fruit and vegetables.

Vegetable knife

The blade is short and straight. This enables the food that is to be cooked to be cleaned easily, prepared in easily cuttable pieces and even decorated.

Larding knife

The larding knife is a little allrounder. The thin, pointed blade allows you to lard meat and poultry or chop herbs without effort.

Carving knife

A sturdy but light meat knife with a thin and narrow blade for paper-thin slices.

Steak knife

Thanks to the flat grind you can use this knife to cut roast or barbecued meat gently and effortlessly.

Utility knife, serrated

Whether you are dealing with soft vegetables such as tomatoes or hard crusts of bread roles or baguettes: with the serrated blade you will cut cleanly and without much effort.

Boning knife

Removes meat from bones without any problem and separates the fat and sinews neatly from the meat.

Filleting knife

The narrow elastic blade enables you to skillfully cut out paper-thin fish fillets.

Bread knife

The toothed blade cuts hard crusts with ease and slices cleanly through the soft crumb without squashing it. Also ideally suited for crispy roasts.

Chef’s knife

The allrounder in daily kitchen work. You use the chef’s knife for chopping herbs, cutting vegetables, and carving and cutting meat and fish.

Santoku knife

The Asian multi-talent and "knife of three good things" for fish, meat, and vegetables. The blade is broader, thinner, and not quite as pointed as on a European knife.

Santoku knife with hollow edge

The hollow edge enables the blade to glide more easily through the food which is to be cut and prevents paper-thin slices from sticking to the blade.

Chinese chef’s knife

You use this Asian knife to cut and chop herbs and vegetables (not suitable for chopping bones).