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Preserving with a pressure cooker

The pressure cooker can also be used for preserving foods. Depending on the size of the preserved jars, use the 4.5-l model or larger:

  • Fill the jars up to about one finger width below the rim and then seal
  • Pour at least 200 – 300 ml liquid (see "min" marking) into the pressure cooker
  • Place the preserve jars in the perforated inset and insert them into the pressure cooker
  • Close the cooker, select the cooking setting, and parboil

Jam: Setting 1, 1-2 minutes 
Fruit/pickled vegetables: Setting 1, 8-10 minutes 
Vegetables: Setting 2, 20-25 minutes 

Do not release the pressure in the pressure cooker quickly but rather let it cool down gradually, as otherwise the jars may burst.

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