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    Curry is not a spice in the true sense of the word, but rather a mixture of spices that can contain more than 30 different ingredients. After the British colonised India in the 18th century, they brought a simplified spice mix for a typical Indian stew back home with them. This is how curry came to Europe. This spice mix gets its vibrant yellow colour from curcuma, also called turmeric. Other common ingredients are chili, coriander seed, cloves, cumin, fennel seeds, pepper, cardamom, ginger and mace. Whilst in India, almost everyone mixes their own “masala”, the mixtures are sold pre-mixed here and are now used in typically German creations such as the currywurst. Picture:©Andrey Danilovich/istock
    Holà, Mexico! Mexican cuisine is trending. Colourful, spicy and vivacious, it delights fans, among other things, with its great variety of dishes such as tacos, tortillas and guacamole. And the best thing is: you can easily prepare burritos and wraps at home with the °SensoRed® crêpe pan. The colour change in the °SensoRed® crêpe pan's nonstick coating helps chefs identify the ideal time for pouring in the batter. This means that even the first crêpe will be perfect, and you can also easily prepare other Tex-Mex favour
    A workday can be long and exhausting. The morning’s sleepiness is followed by the midday low, and without a coffee break, motivation may well clock out mid-afternoon. How can nutrition support mental performance, concentration and a good mood? We have 5 clever tips that will get you through the day full of energy and motivation. 1. Complex carbohydrates for stable blood sugar levels Northing's better than a roll with jam for breakfast! However, after having enjoyed a sweet breakfast, people often get really hungry by m
    “We used to just call it ‘bread-’n-something’!” some may think when they see the well-filled sandwiches you can buy in bakeries and cafés these days. And those takeaway breaded snacks don’t come cheap. Our tips and a recipe will demonstrate how versatile these mini meals are and how to best prepare them at home. From the Queen to stockbrokers: Everyone loves a sandwich The most famous sandwich is probably the classical British cucumber sandwich as served for afternoon tea: white toast without the crusts,