The Perfect Pumpkin Soup

When the leaves start turning red and the sun sets earlier in the evening, we know that autumn is at the door. And instead of mourning the end of summer,

Fast and Easy: 5-Minute Paella

Spanish cuisine is as colorful as their culture. Cooking and eating together are important parts of the Spanish way of life, and those who’ve visited

The perfect smoothie bowl

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Breakfast Bowls: Healthy way to start your day

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The perfect poached egg

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Tips and tricks for the perfect eggs

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A hearty breakfast: the perfect French toast

Weekends are made for slowing down and enjoying a hearty breakfast. Make a delicious change from pancakes or waffles, and add French toast to your weekend

Breakfast ideas for a delicious start to the day

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Grilled fruits: tips for delicious fruits on the grill

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Sweet Desserts for Christmas

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Spare Ribs with a Georgia Barbecue Sauce

When the temperatures drop, barbecue season also ends, giving way to typical winter dishes such as roasts, roulades and goulash. But if you do not wish

Risotto in 5 Minutes!

During the week, we often don’t have the time or motivation to spend hours in the kitchen preparing fresh and varied meals. Especially dishes such as

Little Who’s Who of Spices: Curry

Curry is not a spice in the true sense of the word, but rather a mixture of spices that can contain more than 30 different ingredients. After the British

Culinary Getaway in Mexico: Filled Wraps from the Pan

Holà, Mexico! Mexican cuisine is trending. Colourful, spicy and vivacious, it delights fans, among other things, with its great variety of dishes such

Smarter Through Food

A workday can be long and exhausting. The morning’s sleepiness is followed by the midday low, and without a coffee break, motivation may well clock out

More Than Just Two Pieces of Bread: Sandwiches are Perfect Everyday Companions

“We used to just call it ‘bread-’n-something’!” some may think when they see the well-filled sandwiches you can buy in bakeries and cafés these