luno gratin pan 24 cm

special luno® gratin non-stick pan - just right for your oven bakes and gratins.

luno gratin pan 24 cm

special luno® gratin non-stick pan - just right for your oven bakes and gratins.

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luno gratin pan 24 cm

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EAN : 4009209345680

A plate of pasta is simply irresistable. Especially when it is topped with some Parmesan or Mozzarella and put in the oven till the cheese has turned into a golden-brown crust.

The luno® gratin pan is ovenproof up to 220 °C and therefore ideal for all kinds of baked dishes. The protectal-plus non-stick sealing makes certain nothing cakes on – not even baked cheese. Thanks to their intelligent heat buffer the stainless-steel handles stay cool to the touch when used on electric, glass ceramic or induction cookers. And the integrated measuring scale allows you to dose liquids directly in the pan.

  • made of high-grade cast aluminum
  • induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base
  • protectal-plus non-stick sealing
  • ovenproof up to 220 °C
  • stainless-steel handles with intelligent heat buffer

Weight 1.16 kg
Size 350 x 250 x 60 mm
Package size 350 mm x 255 mm x 70 mm
Capacity 2.1 l
Materials Aluminium
Diameter 24 cm
Country of production Germany
Product kind Serving Pan
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 60 mm
Capacity scale 1.5 l
Surface outside Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
ovenproof up to 220 °C

Features at a glance

luno gratin pan 24 cm

Cookstar all-stove base

The cookstar all-stove base lies perfectly on the cooktop and guarantees optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention – which helps you save energy with any type of stove or hob.

Gently rounded transition

The gently rounded transition between the base and the inside wall make both, stirring and cleaning far easier.

Protectal-plus nonstick sealing

The high-grade protectal-plus non-stick sealing lets you enjoy the benefits of low-fat or even fat-free frying. And it’s exceptionally durable, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean and guaranteed PFOA-free.

Stainless steel handle(s) with integrated heat buffers

The stainless steel handles feature smart heat buffers with silicon rings that keep the metal pleasantly cool.

Cookstar all-stove base

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