Luno® roaster 24 cm

luno® roaster with non-stick coating - for that extra-juicy roast.

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Luno® roaster 24 cm

luno® roaster with non-stick coating - for that extra-juicy roast.

This product is rated with a 0 out of 5 star rating

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Luno® roaster 24 cm

Sku : 056-506-24-000/0

EAN : 4009209333489

No matter if you intend to cook goulash or a beef and lentil curry – a roaster is ideal for any dish that needs a bit more time until it’s ready to serve. To make sure that even after long braising nothing will stick you should opt for a model with a special surface. Non-stick coatings are also easy to clean so there’s no need for tedious scrubbing.

The induction-compatibleLuno® roaster comes not only with the durable Protectal®-Plus non-stick coating. Its stainless-steel handles Protect your hands from heat. And thanks to the lid with condensate-plus function condensed liquid drips back on the roast, making cer-tain it becomes even tastier.

  • induction-compatible Cookstar® all-stove base
  • Protectal®-Plus non-stick coating
  • condensate-plus function
  • stainless-steel handles with intelligent heat buffers

Weight 1.78 kg
Size 345 x 255 x 125 mm
Package size 390 mm x 315 mm x 115 mm
Capacity 3.2 l
Materials Aluminium
Editions Luno®     
Diameter 24.0 cm
Country of production Germany
Product kind roaster round
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 85 mm
Capacity scale 2 l
Surface outside Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
ovenproof up to 220 °C

Features at a glance

Luno® roaster 24 cm

Cookstar® all-stove base

The cookstar all-stove base lies perfectly on the cooktop and guarantees optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention – which helps you save energy with any type of stove or hob.

Gently rounded transition

The gently rounded transition between the base and the inside wall make both, stirring and cleaning far easier.

Condensate-Plus Curvature

The clever condensate-plus function is effected by the downward arch in the middle of the lid. And this lets condensed steam drip back in the pot to keep the ingredients tender and juicy.

Protectal-plus nonstick sealing

The high-grade protectal-plus non-stick sealing lets you enjoy the benefits of low-fat or even fat-free frying. And it’s exceptionally durable, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean and guaranteed PFOA-free.

Measuring scale

The integrated measuring scale allows you to dose liquids without using a measuring cup

Stainless steel handle(s) with integrated heat buffers

The stainless steel handles feature smart heat buffers with silicon rings that keep the metal pleasantly cool.

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