original-profi collection high-domed pan lid 32 cm

Pan accessory original-profi collection® high-domed pan lid - plenty of space for large joints.



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original-profi collection high-domed pan lid 32 cm

Sku: 083-363-32-200/0

EAN: 4009209252162

A leg of lamb doesn’t necessarily call for a roaster to turn out as nice and tender as it should be. If you plan to cook it in a pan, you want a snugly fitting lid with a generous dome – for that extra space your bulky piece of meat needs.

This ovenproof stainless-steel lid is ideal for thicker pieces of meat. Its special condensate-plus function ensures that condensed liquid drips back onto the roast and helps it simmer in its own juices.

  • made of 18/10 stainless steel
  • condensate-plus function
  • ovenproof up to 220 °C


Weight 0.86 kg
Size 330 x 330 x 125 mm
Package size 340 mm x 130 mm x 390 mm
Materials Premium Steel
Editions original-profi collection®
All products in this series
Country of production Germany
Product kind Pan Accessories

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