original-profi collection stew pot 18 cm

original-profi collection® stew pot - the classic for efficient cooking.

original-profi collection stew pot 18 cm

original-profi collection® stew pot - the classic for efficient cooking.


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original-profi collection stew pot 18 cm

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Clear or thickened, pureed or chunky – there’s nothing like a homemade soup. And while you’re at it, make a nice big pot so you have one or the other portion left to put in the freezer – for those times when you don't have much time to cook.

In addition to the standard 16, 20 and 24 cm diameter sizes, this stainless-steel stew pot is available with a 18 cm diameter. The induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base guarantees an even heat distribution – irrespective of the size of your pot.

  • made of 18/10 stainless steel
  • induction-compatible cookstar all-stove base
  • lid with condensate-plus function
  • cold-metal handles in stainless steel
  • convenient pouring rim
  • integrated measuring scale
  • ovenproof up to 220 °C
  • 10-year warranty

Weight 1.66 kg
Size 280 x 200 x 155 mm
Package size 290 mm x 240 mm x 160 mm
Capacity 2.5 l
Materials Premium Steel
Diameter 18 cm
Country of production Germany
Product kind stew pot
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 115 mm
Capacity scale 2 l
Surface outside satined 
ovenproof up to 230 °C

Features at a glance

original-profi collection stew pot 18 cm

Cookstar all-stove base

The cookstar all-stove base lies perfectly on the cooktop and guarantees optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention – which helps you save energy with any type of stove or hob.

Pouring rim

The broad pouring rim makes it easy to pour liquids with none of those annoying drips and spills.

Stay-cool stainless steel handles

The convenient stainless steel cold-metal handles don’t heat up when the pot is used on an electric stove, so You don’t need your oven gloves to grip them.

Measuring scale

The integrated measuring scale allows you to dose liquids without using a measuring cup

Condensate-Plus Curvature

The clever condensate-plus function is effected by the downward arch in the middle of the lid. And this lets condensed steam drip back in the pot to keep the ingredients tender and juicy.

Metal Lid

The extra-heavy metal lid makes certain not only the heat, but also the ingredients’ aromas stay in the pot.

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