°SensoRed wok pan 28 cm

SensoRed wok 11"

°SensoRed wok pan 28 cm

SensoRed wok 11"

°SensoRed wok pan 28 cm

Sku : 157-803-28-100/0

EAN : 4009209358321

SensoRed - Frying finally made simple.

SensoRed is an exciting new innovation in woks. It utilizes a thermo-sensitive nonstick coating to let you know when the right frying temperature has been reached.

When the pan is heated to the optimal frying temperature, the entire surface of the SensoRed wok changes to the color of the speckles in the nonstick coating. This is your visual indication that it is now the ideal time to cook your food.

The SensoRed innovation ensures that food is never placed in a wok which is too cold or too hot. With its outstanding nonstick properties, SensoRed provides an easy way to achieve ideally fried food and perfect results.

11 inch - 28 cm version

Weight 1.14 kg
Size 480 x 290 x 125 mm
Package size 510 mm x 335 mm x 130 mm
Capacity 3.7 l
Materials Aluminium
Diameter 28 cm
Country of production Germany
Product kind Wok Pan
Body height 90 mm

Features at a glance

°SensoRed wok pan 28 cm

Cookstar all-stove base

Thermo-sensitive nonstick sealing

The thermo-sensitive non-stick sealing changes its color to show you the ideal moment to pop the ingredients in the frying pan.

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