valea saucepan with lid 16 cm

valea saucepan - with quality glass lid by Fissler.

valea saucepan with lid 16 cm

valea saucepan - with quality glass lid by Fissler.


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valea saucepan with lid 16 cm

Sku : 033-155-16-000/0

EAN : 4009209363769

For even more flexible cooking there is the valea Saucepan also with lid. Because the heat remains inside the pot, it can be used for the energy-saving preparation of small dishes or side dishes such as rice or potatoes.

For those who like it a bit more Mediterranean in the kitchen, valea is exactly the right cookware. The slightly bulbous shape is ideal for anything that needs to be stirred well. The lid made of high-quality quality glass with high resistance to breakage enables energy-saving visual cooking and can be placed in the oven up to 180°C.

Weight 1.10 kg
Size 345 x 175 x 140 mm
Package size 290 mm x 280 mm x 135 mm
Capacity 1.5 l
Materials Premium Steel
Diameter 16 cm
Country of production Germany
Product kind saucepan
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 85 mm
Capacity scale 1 l
Surface outside satined 
ovenproof up to 180 °C

Features at a glance

valea saucepan with lid 16 cm

Encapsulated superthermic base

The super-thermic base ensures there’s optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention, whichever stove you are using.

Glass Lid 180C

The high-grade tempered glass lid allows for energy efficient full-view cooking and is ovenproof to 180 °C.

Pouring rim

The broad pouring rim makes it easy to pour liquids with none of those annoying drips and spills.

Ergonomic handle

The robust handles are made of ovenproof 18/10 stainless steel and boast an ergonomic shape that lies perfectly in the hand.

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