viseo saucepan without lid 16 cm

Handy helper for small dishes.


viseo saucepan without lid 16 cm

Handy helper for small dishes.


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viseo saucepan without lid 16 cm

Sku : 084-157-16-101/0

EAN : 4009209344065

Do you love purist design? Simple, functional and durable without superfluous. Then you will love viseo the cookware for connoisseurs.

The Fissler viseoSteal casserole is made of stainless, robust stainless steel with a matt polished, scratch-resistant pot inside.

The highly conductive superthermic bottom of the viseo pot series stores the heat optimally and ensures even heat distribution. Suitable for all types of cookers including induction. Due to the rounded transition between bottom and pot wall, nothing gets stuck in the corners. This makes it easy to stir and easy to clean. The practical pouring rim makes it possible: drip- and spill-free pouring. This keeps the kitchen clean.

  • made of stainless steel
  • superthermic-bottom
  • practical pouring rim
  • measuring scale inside
  • ovenproof
  • robust and durable
  • 2 year warranty
pot series viseo

Weight 0.65 kg
Size 320 x 175 x 85 mm
Package size 320 mm x 185 mm x 130 mm
Capacity 1.4 l
Materials Premium Steel
Editions viseo®     
Diameter 16 cm
Country of production DE
Product kind Saucepan
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 85 mm
Capacity scale 1 l
Surface outside satined 
ovenproof up to 220 °C

Features at a glance

viseo saucepan without lid 16 cm

Encapsulated superthermic base

The super-thermic base ensures there’s optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention, whichever stove you are using.

Pouring rim

The broad pouring rim makes it easy to pour liquids with none of those annoying drips and spills.

Comfortable handles

The ergonomic comfort handle is easy to hold and also suitable for smaller hands.

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