vitavit comfort pressure cooker with insert

vitavit comfort pressure cooker - pressure cooker with 2 adjustable cooking levels and steamer insert from Fissler.


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vitavit comfort pressure cooker with insert

Fissler pressure cookers contain a great deal of sophisticated technology that makes them child's play to use and makes cooking fun. Thanks to sophisticated safety technology, nothing can go wrong. Up to 70% of conventional cooking time can be saved with a Fissler pressure cooker. Your favourite dish will be on the table in a matter of minutes. It works much more efficiently than conventional cookware and saves 50% energy. The shorter the cooking time, the faster the hob can be switched off again. In addition, considerably more valuable vitamins and minerals are retained than when cooking in conventional pots.

Pressure cooker series vitavit comfort - New functions. Many advantages.

A fitting aid on the lid makes it very easy to fit the lid. And with the newly designed pot rim, closing also works smoothly. If the pot was closed correctly, a click is audible and a colored display in the handle switches from red to green. Only now can pressure be built up.

The pressure cooker vitavit comfort has two cooking levels. The gentle cooking level for sensitive food, such as fine vegetables or fish, and the quick cooking level for meat and stews.

The new traffic light display makes cooking with pressure cookers transparent and safe. Yellow: The cooker can be switched back. Green: The set temperature is reached and the cooking time begins. Red: The temperature is too high.

With the cookstar all-stove bottom the pressure cooker vitavit comfort is suitable for every stove. The pot is heated quickly, evenly and energy-savingly. The practical fill level indicator on the inside wall of the pot indicates the minimum and maximum amount of liquid. The detachable handle makes vitavit comfort Pressure cookers easy to clean and stackable.

vitavit comfort Pressure cooker series - With extensive basic equipment, user-friendly and convenient!


Weight 3.13 kg
Size 425 x 250 x 185 mm
Package size 300 mm x 200 mm x 405 mm
Capacity 4.5 l
Materials Premium Steel
Editions vitavit® comfort
All products in this series
Diameter 22 cm
Country of production Germany
Product kind Pressure Cooker
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 140 mm
Capacity scale 3 l
Surface outside polished
Positioning aid

Positioning aid

Locking Indicator

Locking Indicator

Traffic light system

Traffic light system

Cooking settings

Cooking settings


Designpreis Germany 2010 Nominee (DE)

Designpreis Germany 2010 Nominee (DE)

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