The best non-stick coating

The Levital®+ pan offers the best and particularly long-lasting Fissler non-stick effect for gentle and low-fat frying. Recommended by Two Star Michelin Chef Alexander Herrmann.

"With this you will succeed even the most sensitive ingredient."

Alexander Herrmann

5 good reasons for the Fissler Levital® pans

Kitchen Innovation Award 2022


The Levital®+ is the proud winner of the Kitchen Innovation Awards 2022.


Made in Germany

From our home in Rhineland-Palatinate to your home - since 1845.


5 years warranty

Each of our products is carefully made from high quality recycled materials.

The best choice for sensitive food.

The Levital®+ pan with the best and particularly long-lasting Fissler non-stick effect is especially suitable for gentle and low-fat frying of delicate foods such as fish, omelets, fried eggs or pancakes. And thus allows, for example, the preparation of tender fish fillet with crispy potato rösti to succeed in no time.

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