Preparation Methods with a Wok

Fissler offers a full range of woks in both stainless steel and nonstick-coated versions. Each wok offers a variety of advantages when preparing delicious exotic dishes.

If you're looking for especially heavy stainless steel quality, the wok from the original-profi collection® is ideal for fast cooking at high temperatures.

Whether fish, marinated meat, vegetables, rice or noodles – the nonstick coating makes sure nothing sticks to the surface during frying and deep-frying.

Find the best fit for yourself from our collection.

All woks at a glance


Stir-frying involves frying small pieces of different foods quickly in a wok, with just a little oil. All the ingredients are constantly stirred with the wok spoon. Special wok spoons or wok turners are perfectly suited to this task.


With their semi-circular shape and large surface, woks as well as tall, large stew pots are well-suited for deep-frying. Even for large portions. This cooking method gives foods a delicious, crispy shell with juicy contents.


Ingredients steamed in a wok retain their authentic flavours. The gentle cooking process protects the valuable nutrients. Fans of wok cooking appreciate this just as much as its easy handling and appetising appearance. There is a wide variety of steamed wok dishes, from ginger chicken to vegetable dumplings. Steaming is a source of never-ending culinary enjoyment.