Woks and Accessories

Whether you love the benefits of exotic dining culture or simply want to cook more healthy – any type of cooking is possible, whether quick stir-frying of vegetables, braising meat, steaming fish, or frying noodles.

Nonstick-coated woks

The high-quality coating keeps food from sticking, ensuring trouble-free cooking. The wok is perfect for stir-frying; the wok with handle is ideal for the Thai food-tossing version.

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Stainless steel woks

Pure wok enjoyment! With its particularly heavy, high-quality stainless steel, the wok from the original pro collection® is ideal for fast cooking at high temperatures. With the novogrill frying surface for healthy, low-fat frying and a practical area for placing fried food.

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Wok accessories

Specially adapted shapes for cooking in the wok. Whether wok turner, wok spoon or practical skimmer for skimming off deep-fried foods.

Accessories for your wok