Enjoy the Bounty of the Seas

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Go ahead – grab it by the gills!

Light, delicious fish dishes with Fissler

Whether trout or pollack, fresh or salt water – fish dishes are trending, because they're easily digestible and can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. Fish is healthy: its proteins can be easily absorbed by the body and it's easy to digest.

Many people don't feel they're up to the task of preparing fresh fish. But with the right cookware and a few tips, it's as easy as pie.

How can you cook fish?

When it comes to frying, you should choose a nonstick-coated pan. 

Before they make their way to the pan, the fillets are salted – if they are to be breaded, they also have to be soured beforehand. A grill pan gives fish that extra something – but not all kinds of fish are equally suited. As a rule of thumb: the firmer and fattier the meat, the better – for example, salmon, trout and tuna.

Thanks to its nonstick coating, the special grill pan cooks gently, while giving the grilled food its typical flavour. You can cook delicious dishes on the stovetop or even in the oven – for example, fish in (aluminium) foil. When wrapped in foil, it absorbs the flavours of the accompanying herbs and vegetables deliciously.

Gentle steaming is great for nearly every fish. Season beforehand with salt, pepper and lemon. For a particularly intensive flavour, add a splash of white wine to the water. Cookware with the right inset, such as the original pro collection® from Fissler, is ideal for steaming. No fat has to be added – three centimetres of water are enough. The fish is cooked gently by the rising steam, making it especially juicy. Flavours, vitamins and nutrients are retained. Tip: We recommend making several 1 cm deep diagonal cuts on both sides of thicker fishes – to optimise heat distribution.

original profi collection® pots

Tips: buying and preparing fish

When shopping for fish, freshness is key. And luckily, it's easy to spot: the fish eyes are clear and shiny, the bright-red gills lie firmly against the body and the mark from a finger pressed against the skin is only briefly visible. Fresh fish fillets are moist, without dry edges or discolouration. The fish should be cooked a day after it is bought at the latest – start with a thorough rinsing under running water, then dab dry with a kitchen towel.

If you want to fillet it yourself, you'll also need a good knife. We recommend the filleting knife from the Fissler perfection line. Its flexible blade makes it easy to separate the meat from the skin and bones.

When is the fish ready to serve?

The fork test helps you find out whether the fish is ready: poke the meat gently and separate it slightly. If the inside is white or bright, the fish is done – the time required depends on the thickness of the fish or fillets. In general, all fish cooks faster than meat.