Enjoy Perfect Steaks with Fissler

From rustic to sophisticated – meat can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. Purists often simply prefer a grilled steak, where the pure meat taste connects to the hearty roasted flavour. In addition to meat quality and cooking skills, the right equipment is essential to a perfect result. If you have all these elements, you can create grilled delicacies at home like a professional.

How to make tender, juicy steaks

A perfect steak is highly dependent on the quality of the meat – beef should be well hung, with a dark red colour and slightly marbled. It's just as important to let the pan and fat get very hot and initially sear the steak. This brings the proteins to the surface and the created crust keeps the meat juices in (called the "Maillard reaction"). Cooking times vary by thickness – when turning, be sure not to pierce the steak, so the juices don't leak out. That's why the Fissler Q! tuner, with its heat-resistant silicon turning surface that protects the pan's nonstick coating, is much better for turning than a fork.

The essential factor – the right pan

If you want to sear something, such as steaks, chicken escalopes or skewers, your best bet is a crispy stainless steel pan. With the right frying technique, your foods will get crispy on the outside but stay juicy on the inside.

crispy steelux premium pan

For even more taste

If you want to enrich your grilled foods with extra flavours, we recommend marinades – based on oil, vinegar, buttermilk or honey and refined with herbs or spices. The meat is marinated or, depending on its consistency, rubbed. A welcome side-effect: it gets even more tender. Before grilling, be sure to drain the marinade.

The right cooking results

You can easily tell whether a steak is done by using a finger: if the meat feels like your lower lip when pressed slightly, it's rare. If it isn't quite as pliable, feeling like the tip of your nose, it's medium; if it feels like your forehead, it's well done.

Important: While beef steaks are popularly eaten rare or medium, light meats such as pork, veal or poultry – as well as minced steaks – must be fully cooked.

When the delicacies are finally served, a Fissler steak knife from the perfection line is the perfect companion to your fork. It feels comfortable in your hand and, thanks to its super-sharp blade, cuts without any pressure.