Filleting fish

Filleting fish is not difficult if you have the right kitchen utensils. Anyone who prefers to fillet their salmon trout themselves rather than leaving that to the fishmonger needs the right knife above all – a filleting knife, where the elastic blade lets you work closely along the skin and the bones.

The right knife for this job:

perfection filleting knife

1. Cut in diagonally

First, cut into the fish directly below the head at a slight diagonal angle, as far as the backbone.

2. Detach the backbone

Then move under the meat with the blade and carefully detach the fillet from the backbone, cutting in the direction of the tail.

3. Separate off the meat

Then turn the fish fillet onto the skin side and, beginning at the tail end, neatly separate the flesh from the skin. This works best if you pull the end of the skin tight with one hand and guide the blade of the knife almost parallel to the skin at a slight angle.

4. Remove the belly fat

Finally, remove the belly fat which is easily identifiable by its paler color. The fish fillet is now ready.