Multi-level pressure cooking

With the new Fissler pressure-cooker models, vitavit® edition and vitavit® premium, you can prepare healthy and delicious dishes in just a few minutes. The key: You can do so with just one, single pot. In multi-level cooking, all the ingredients are cooked in the same pressure cooker at the same time. For example, a tender chicken breast with crisp carrots and beans can be ready to serve in just a few minutes.

All pressure-cooker lines

1. Brown quickly

Meat is browned briefly and quickly at the beginning in the pressure cooker so that it remains beautifully juicy. Then pour on a little stock or other liquid, and you can also add herbs or spices.

2. Side dishes

Side dishes such as vegetables are cleaned, cut evenly, and placed in the special perforated inset in the pressure cooker. Stand the associated tripod on the base of the pot, and place the inset on it.

3. Close the lid

Then close the lid. This is perfectly simple thanks to the positioning aid and an acoustic and visual signal – if there is a "click" and the small window in the handle shows up green, the pressure cooker was closed correctly. The required cooking setting is then specified using the control valve: A colored cooking display with traffic light function will navigate you reliably through the cooking process.

4. Release pressure

When the cooking time is completed, you must first release the pressure before the pressure cooker can be opened. The vitavit® edition and vitavit® premium provide you with the option of conveniently releasing pressure via the pressure valve – or with the release button as shown in the image.

5. Lift out the inset

First remove the inset from the opened pressure cooker. You can do this particularly easily with a tablespoon thanks to the handle which is curved inward slightly in the center. As the handle can only fold in one direction, it is not possible for it to swivel to and fro while being lifted out. Then remove the tripod from the cooker, and finally lift out the meat.

6. Arrange

Arrange all the ingredients on a prewarmed plate and enjoy your food.

Enjoy your meal!