Three tips for red cabbage

Our three simple tips for red cabbage: Cut properly, cook in the pressure cooker, and enjoy it!

Hints and tips for preparation: Cutting red cabbage properly

Remove the outer leaves, cut the red cabbage in half, and cut out the hard stalk in a wedge shape. Then separate the halves of the red cabbage again and cut them into fine strips. Recommendation: You can cut red cabbage particularly quickly and safely with a large paring knife.

Time-saving tip: Cook the red cabbage in the pressure cooker

Home-made red cabbage takes too long? Not if you use a pressure cooker – for example, the vitavit® premium (4.5 l). Then the cooking time on Setting 1 is only approx. 10 minutes, and on Setting 2 it is even just 4-5 minutes.

vitavit®premium pressure cooker


Enjoy: "Festive duck with quick pumpkin and red cabbage"

Special connoisseur tip: Refine the quick red cabbage with a hint of pumpkin and cranberries marinated in red wine – that will add a delicious, fruity flavor!