Brief study of pans

Take two

With two pans you’re on the safe side – one pan from the crispy line for crisp frying, and a protect pan for gentle frying and for any food which tends to stick.

crispy   protect

Gentle and caring

Light, gentle frying, for example of egg dishes, fried potatoes, breaded food or fish, is best done in a nonstick-coated pan. The special plastic coating prevents food from sticking.

protect pan line

For specialists

Special pans complement the basic equipment: For example, the special Asia pan for wok dishes, the low special crêpe pan for pancakes, etc., the special grill pan for gentle, low-fat frying with a grill effect, and the special gratin pan for cooking food au gratin.

special pan line

Quick and crisp

When you want to fry food quickly and crisply - for example meat or poultry - you should use a pan which you can heat to a high temperature. crispy pans made of stainless steel can be heated to a very high temperature without becoming distorted. They are perfectly stable and distribute the heat evenly.

crispy pan line