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We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to cooking. But in the end, we all have the same goal: to enjoy the cooking experience and then taste the results.

This demands high-quality ingredients – which means both the food and the kitchen utensils used. Fissler recognises personal cooking styles and makes sure that every possible desire and need is met – by pursuing non-compromising quality "Made in Germany", attractive design and outstanding features.

All Fissler pots guarantee many years of cooking enjoyment – because the quality is simply spot on.

Made in Germany

Every pot collection we present here is made of high-quality materials, such as hygienic 18/10 stainless steel. Precision manufacturing techniques "Made in Germany" and unique features guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction.

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Our Premium Pot Collections


original-profi collection®

The original-profi collection® from Fissler is an outstanding choice for ambitious cooks. The robust stainless seal pots, which are also available in practical pot sets, were developed by professionals for professionals. This extensive collection contains the right model for every task.

All products are made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, making them not only suitable for use in the oven, but also resistant to scratches and stains.

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People who use solea® pots from Fissler show good taste in every sense of the word. This stainless steel pot set with exclusive metal handles has a surprisingly different design which combines a modern look with exclusive features.

Its premium quality "Made in Germany" makes cooking more fun – on all types of stoves, including induction.

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intensa® from Fissler is the best evidence that you can always make good things a little bit better.

The pots and pot sets from this attractive stainless steel line will surprise you with a number of innovative details that make working in the kitchen noticeably easier. Once you've tried out its intelligent features, you'll never want to do without them again.

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valea® was designed for all those who prefer it a bit more rustic when it comes to cooking. The slightly bellied shape is ideal for dishes that need to be stirred and whipped really well. The voluminous handles are easy to grip even with larger hands. And as the lid, which allows for full-view cooking, is made of heat-resistant tempered glass it can go in the oven for up to 180 °C.

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bonn has much more to offer than just good looks. The robust superthermic base ensures the optimal distribution of the heat. The glass lid made for full-view cooking ensures that no energy is wasted when checking the contents. And thanks to the smart heat buffer the stainless-steel handles stay nice and cool while the pot is cooking on the electric stove.

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Cooks who enjoy trying out new things will love the induction-compatible luno® pots and pot sets from Fissler.

The high-quality protectal-plus coating ensures that food doesn't stick to the surface, so even dishes with sensitive ingredients always turn out well. The gently rounded transition between base and stainless steel side makes stirring a breeze.

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Modern, linear and refreshingly uncomplicated – berlin constantly inspires you to try new things on the stove.

The outstanding Fissler quality provides the ideal prerequisites for a perfect meal. The induction-compatible pots and pot sets made of high-quality stainless steel handle daily use on the stove with ease and are also suitable for use in the oven.

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The purists among the gourmets will experience pure joy with the viseo® pots and pot sets from Fissler. With its ingenious features, this induction-compatible stainless steel line has everything high-quality cookware needs.

The timeless design harmonises with every taste and its simple handling makes working on the stove a true pleasure.

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For all those who like to concentrate on what’s essential münchen is just the cookware of choice. Its superthermic base lies perfectly on the stove and distributes the heat most evenly. High-grade 18/10 stainless steel guarantees that the pots take the daily wear and tear in a stride. And thanks to their timeless design they are always a pleasure to use.

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