The right stove settings

Every stove behaves slightly differently when cooking – depending on the type of stove and cooktop and the specific characteristics of the individual stove model. There are electric stoves with multiple, ceramic, halogen, or induction cooktops and gas stoves. Multiple cooktops are conventional steel or iron burners which utilize their high heat conductivity to transport heat. Ceramic cooktops are glass ceramic burners whose heat is generated by irradiation. Halogen cooktops heat the cookware by means of infrared irradiation. Induction cooktops generate alternating magnetic fields which are converted to heat in the base of the pot.

The following applies for all stove types:

For delicate foods and small quantities you should select a lower setting, and for larger quantities a higher setting. The table below shows the correct settings. You will find more detailed information in the operating instructions for your stove.

Parboiling, braising lightly12963
Browning, heating9-126-94-62-3
Simmering, steaming, braising, stewing, soaking1-61-41-30.5-1.5
Heating convenience foods9642

Cooking properly.

It takes a little experience to find the correct simmering setting to cook in an energy-saving manner. The contents of the pot should simmer gently without boiling over, and no more than a little steam should escape from the pot. If a lot of steam is escaping, you should reduce the heat.

Save energy

Utilize the cookstar all-stove base’s stored heat by reducing the energy supply early on, and switch it off before the food has been completely cooked. Select the size of cookware which suits the quantity you want to cook, and if possible always cook with the lid on. The burner should either be the same size as the base of the cookware or smaller.

Practical tips

To achieve perfect cooking results it is important that the pot and burner are ideally matched. In the case of multiple, ceramic, and halogen cooktops the burner should be the same size as the base of the pot or smaller. If you cook on a gas stove, always place the cookware centrally to prevent the flames from spreading. With induction stoves the cookware should also be placed centrally on the burner. The pot size and the cooktop size must match as closely as possible.