Nature often provides the best inspiration. Its impressive abilities serve us as an example time and again. This also holds true for the new levital sealing.

Inspired by the self-cleaning properties of lotus leaves, it allows for healthier frying using little or even no fat.

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Testing the coating of the levital comfort pan

The first-class nonstick properties of the levital comfort pan make it ideal for health-conscious food preparation.

The coating is not only completely new, it is also extremely durable. This has been proven by various internal tests in comparison with selected competitor pans.

While the coatings of pans from other suppliers deteriorate significantly over time, the first-class nonstick properties of the levital comfort remain in the long term.

In addition, the pan is very easy to clean.

Of course, our levital sealing is also 100% PFOA/PFOS-free.

Clever pan details - Made by Fissler

First-class nonstick properties

With its first-class nonstick properties, the pan allows for healthier frying with little or, if you wish, absolutely no fat. In addition, the levital sealing is extremely durable.

Ergonomic safety handle

The ergonomic safety handle of the levital comfort pan has a hang-up eye and is suitable for all hand sizes thanks to its elliptical cross section.

Handle indentation with stopper

An indentation on the underside of the handle also facilitates sautéing and tipping, allowing you to use the high pan body of the levital comfort pan to maximum effect. The stopper in the front area protects against slipping.

Measuring scale and large pan body

The raised measuring scale makes it easier to measure liquid ingredients. Moreover, the scale is practically indestructible. Thanks to the extra-large frying surface, you can make optimum use of the pan’s capacity.

Experience the levital pan in action!

Questions & Answers

All our products undergo various internal quality controls. A product is not launched on the market unless it meets Fissler’s high quality standards. Our levital comfort pans are designed, developed, and manufactured in Germany with high-quality materials, based on our many years of experience and with great passion.

levital comfort pans can be used on all kinds of stoves, including gas and induction stoves. The induction-compatible cookstar® all-stove base is also particularly efficient and energy-saving in absorbing, distributing, and storing heat.

Cleaning levital comfort pans in the dishwasher is theoretically possible. However, because of their first-class, extremely durable nonstick coating, we recommend cleaning them by hand. Since food does not stick to the frying surface, you can clean these pans gently without any trouble, even with a damp cloth.

Since the diameter of the pan is measured at the top edge, the bottom diameter is usually a little smaller. Here is our recommendation:

  • 20 centimeter pan: 14.5 cm burner
  • 24 centimeter pan: 18 cm burner
  • 28 centimeter pan: 21 cm burner

In general, pots and pans should be placed centrally on the burner.

In the case of electric and glass-ceramic stoves, the diameter of the burner should be the same as or smaller than the diameter of the pan base.

On induction stoves, the size of the pan base should be the same as or larger than the burner size. Otherwise, the burner may not be activated by the pan.

To prevent flames from damaging the plastic handle, please pay particular attention to positioning the pan centrally when using it on a gas stove.