Levital is for discerning home cooks who want to enjoy delicious, healthy meals. Its exceptionally high-performing non-stick coating requires little or no fat when cooking.

Heavier and more substantial than most pans, it provides superior heat transfer and cooking performance. It is made in Germany to the highest quality standards, with innovative features and contemporary style. Try it now, enjoy it for years.

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Clever pan details - Made by Fissler

Premium non-stick properties

The exceptionally high-performing nonstick coating of the levital comfort fry pan allows for healthier cooking with little or no fat. In addition, the coating is extremely durable.

Ergonomic safety handle

The ergonomic premium safety handle of the levital comfort pan is comfortable to hold for all hand sizes thanks to its elliptical cross section. An eyelet on the handle makes it easy to hang on a hook.

Integrated handle indentation with stopper

An indentation on the underside of the handle expands your range of motion when sautéing, allowing you to use the high-sided pan body to maximum effect. The stopper in the front of the handle protects against slipping, even with wet hands.

Measurement markings and large pan body

The laser-etched, raised measurement markings add convenience for measuring liquid ingredients. Thanks to the extra-large frying surface, you can make optimum use of the pan’s capacity.

How good is the non-stick coating?

The premium nonstick of the levital comfort pan is exceptionally high-performing, so you need little to no fat when cooking, making it perfect for healthier meal preparation.

This coating is completely new – and extremely durable. How do we know? We tested it versus selected competitive pans in multiple internal tests.

These tests proved that the coatings of competitive pans deteriorated significantly over time, but the nonstick properties of the levital comfort pan lasted for years.

It is also very easy to clean, and it is 100% PFOA/PFOS-free.

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Levital® Comfort

levital® comfort Non Stick Frying Pan

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Questions & Answers

All Fissler products are subject to multiple internal quality controls, and they are only launched on the market when they meet Fissler’s high quality standards. Our levital comfort pans are designed, developed, and manufactured in Germany with premium quality materials, based on our many years of experience and our passion for quality and innovation.

Yes, levital comfort pans can be used on all stovetops, including induction. The induction-compatible cookstar® all-stove base is very efficient in absorbing, distributing, and storing heat, which saves energy.

The levital comfort pan performs best at medium heat and prevents your pan from overheating. Thanks to Fissler’s proven “Made in Germany” quality, setting your stove at medium heat is sufficient for achieving perfect culinary results. This will also preserve the premium quality coating and can significantly extend the lifespan of your pan.

Yes, the pan is dishwasher safe. To maintain the ultra-high performing nonstick coating, we do recommend hand washing. Food will also not stick to the surface, so you can easily clean with a damp cloth.  

Since the diameter of the pan is measured at the top edge, the bottom diameter is usually a little smaller.

In the case of electric and glass-ceramic stoves, the diameter of the burner should be the same as or smaller than the diameter of the pan base.

On induction stoves, the size of the pan base should be the same as or larger than the burner size. Otherwise, the burner may not be activated by the pan.

Pots and pans should be placed centrally on the burner.

When using a gas stove, please pay particular attention to positioning the pan centrally to prevent flames from damaging the plastic handle.