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When grilling season arrives, the backyard barbecue is where you want to be. From main dishes to veggies to desserts, there are so many creative grilling recipes to transform mealtime in the hot summer months and beyond. Marinate with a difference - Rubs. Dry rubs consist of salt, sugar, various spices and herbs, all combined to create the desired flavor. Because the flavor won’t infuse deep into the food, choose to go bold when creating your own rub flavors. Keep in mind, the larger the piece of meat you are preparing, the longer the cooking time, the coarser the rub may be. Dry marinades, or rubs, are perfect for the slow-cooking process of a barbecue, and unlike a wet marinade, dry marinades make a delicious crust. To use, first rub the meat, fish, or poultry with a bit of oil or wet mustard, to guarantee better adhesion during the cooking process. Then massage the rub into the food. Take care to place on the grill at a lower temperature, because the sugar content can scorch at higher temperatures. Hand-made grilled sausages Move beyond the traditional hot dog, and grill up a delicious artisanal sausage that is bursting with flavor. Homemade, or store bought, artisanal sausage
Wild strawberries have been nibbled on since the Stone Age. In ancient times, the strawberry was considered a remedy, which eventually led to their cultivation in the Middle Ages. Nothing says summertime more than the arrival of strawberries. Grocery stores, farmer markets and roadside stands are filled with juicy, sweet strawberries, ripe and ready to sweeten the season. Eat them straight from the vine, blend them in smoothies, use them to top a summer salad, or create a delicious strawberry tart. Enjoy
What’s more satisfying than perfectly cooked ribs or grilled chicken? Perfectly cooked ribs or grilled chicken dipped in a spicy BBQ sauce. Whether it’s meat slowly cooked in the smoker, or vegetables cooked on a grill, your summer dishes can be enhanced by the variety and culinary creativity of barbecue sauces. Enjoy traditional spicy BBQ sauces, or try fruit chutneys, which make a wonderful contrast to the smoky grilled food. We have put together a few sauce recipes for you that will make your barbecue special. Ketc
Iced is the way America likes its tea. The majority of tea consumed in the US is iced, and iced tea is one of our most popular beverages. One of the latest brewing trends is Cold Brew Infused Tea. Read on to find out what makes Cold Brew Tea speci
Horchata is a plant-based beverage, with a long history throughout the world. While most often associated with Hispanic cultures, the beverage originated in Africa, and then it arrived in Iberia centuries ago. From there, it continued to spread, eve