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The perfect menu includes the right drinks. Wine comes to mind, but there are many other beverages that can pair harmoniously with your dishes, including non-alcoholic beverages, which are increasingly becoming a focus of attention. Here is a quick guide to some options. Juices Various fruit and vegetable juices can give the meal a kick of freshness and taste. Try experimenting with different juices – pure or diluted, chilled or slightly warmed, seasoned or sweetened. If a fruit juice alone is too sweet, you can mix it with sparkling water or vegetable juices. Also, some grapes product non-alcoholic fruit juice in addition to wine; for example, Merlot or Chardonnay. Water Even water can become a star of the table. Water sommeliers select suitable water types for dishes. For strong dishes we recommend a spicy, mineral-rich water with strong carbon dioxide – for dessert sweet, sweet water tastes great. Thanks to water’s neutral taste, it sensitizes the taste buds for an even more inte
When you want a lift, there’s nothing like hot, fluffy waffles! Waffles are the epitome of cosines – especially in winter – and their flavor can arouse childhood memories. It is even better when the waffles are paired with a variety of ingredients that give the whole dish a modern twist. Flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter, baking powder, a pinch of salt and vanilla – preparing fluffy waffles is easy and fun. They are often topped with powdered sugar, applesauce or fresh fruit. How about some variety? The waffle season h
The invention of the pressure cooker revolutionized cooking and raised it to a new level of innovation. New generations of cooks have proven over and over again that a pressure cooker belongs in every household where people love to cook. Cooking can be so easy High-quality stovetop pressure cookers open up cooking possibilities and are everyday helpers in the kitchen. Dishes that used to take a long time to cook are ready in the pressure cooker in a jiffy. This is possible because of the pressure generated in the pot,
Warming, invigorating and spicy: chicken broth is a tasty culinary classic, and – especially in the cold season – real well-being food. Scientists have even found that it helps relieve colds and has an anti-inflammatory effect. But many are afraid of making it from scratch – too complicated, too time-consuming. We have an answer, a recipe that is fast and easy, thanks to a pressure cooker. Ingredients for homemade chicken broth: ● a whole soup chicken ● a bunch of greens ● an onion ● a bunch of smooth pa
The beer spectrum has expanded with a variety of craft beers and offers an incredible array of flavors. A great craft beer can enhance a delicious meal, and it can also be used in cooking. The world of beer offers many possibilities for perfectly matched food pairings, whether as a beverage or an ingredient. From IPA and pale ale to craft pils or strong stout beer: the variety of artisanal brewed craft beers is immense. Pale ale and India pale ale (IPA) brewed from light malt are now frequently found on