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Grilling is for more than just meat, fish and poultry. Fruit is a deliciously sweet option for your next BBQ. Here are some tips and a recipe for grilled mango and peach skewers! 1. Choose the right fruits Not all fruit works well on the grill, stick with pitted fruits such as plums, peaches, apricots and mangos. Other dense fruits, such as pineapples, melons, figs, and pears, will work for a variety of creative desserts with endless combinations. 2. Pay attention to timing and preparation Fruits are particularly sensitive to grilling and can’t be exposed to the same heat as meats or veggies. For best results, fruit should be placed on the edge of the charcoal grill surface or, for gas and electric grills, choose the medium-high temperature setting. It is important grill in large pieces or chunks. Tip: Place bananas in a fry pan on the grill. 3. Fun BBQ combinations Here are a couple of food combinations to try: grilled honeydew melon with halloumi cheese and wild herb salad, fo
Whether for appetizers, dinner or dessert, a cheese plate is a classic and a highlight of your table. With little effort, a sophisticated cheese plate can be easily arranged. Check out our tips for the perfect composition, matching side dishes, and the right wine for a great evening. Overall, about 5 to 8 different cheeses should be featured. Rustic wooden planks or slate and marble slabs, are perfect for serving. The best cheeses Ideally there should be five to eight different cheeses in different degrees of hardness
You don’t need a grill to make delicious ribs. Use the pressure cooker and the oven to create tender spare ribs that will leave people wanting more! We love the pressure cooker because it makes complicated and time-consuming recipes easy and quick. It also cuts down the cooking time, keeping meat tender, juicy and tasty. For this recipe, we’ll cook the spare ribs in the pressure cooker before placing them in the oven for just a few minutes to make them crispy. Then we’ll drizzle over a savory sauce - also prepared in
Poke Bowls bring a piece of Hawaii right to your own kitchen. This light and refreshing dish is a hot culinary trend, and it’s easy to make! What is Poke? Poke is a Hawaiian fish salad that consists of raw, marinated fish. The most traditional is "Ahi Poke" with diced tuna. Other seafood such as salmon, octopus, shrimp or mussels can also be used. Because the seafood is raw, always buy sashimi quality. The spicy marinade typically combines soy sauce, sesame oil and various spices. There is also a creami
Holà! Mexican cuisine is trending. Colorful, spicy and vivacious, it delights fans with tacos, burritos, enchiladas, guacamole, and a great variety of dishes. Adamant Fry Pan's nonstick coating makes it easy to flip and release homemade tortillas, and to prepare Tex-Mex fillings that bring the flavors of Mexico to your plate. Our recipe for tacos pairs perfectly with fruity-sweet salsa with tomatoes and peppers, which is also versatile enough to be served with tortillas chips or as a topping for nachos