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When the temperatures drop, barbecue season also ends, giving way to typical winter dishes such as roasts, roulades and goulash. But if you do not wish to do without savoury barbecue aromas during the cold months, you can use the pressure cooker and your oven to create tender spare ribs that will leave many a barbecue dish far behind. The allrounder A pressure cooker is our everyday helper number one, making complicated and time-consuming recipes easy and quick. Especially when it comes to meat dishes, a pressure cooker makes for a much shorter cooking time than an oven, keeping the meat tender, juicy and tasty.We will cook the spare ribs gently in the pressure cooker before placing them in the oven for just a few minutes to make them crispy. Then we will drizzle over a savoury sauce - also prepared in the pressure cooker - to give them a smoky flavour reminiscent of the barbecue aromas of summer. And as quick as that, the ribs are ready! Spare Ribs with a Georgia Barbecue Sauce Ingre
During the week, we often don’t have the time or motivation to spend hours in the kitchen preparing fresh and varied meals. Especially dishes such as the popular Northern Italian classic risotto take a lot of time to prepare, which is why we tend not to make them very often. Which is sad, since this rice dish can be varied creatively using many different ingredients, and its creamy consistency makes it perfect for slightly cooler days. To bypass the long and elaborate preparation process, we will be preparing our risot
When the leaves start turning red and the sun sets earlier in the evening, we know that autumn is at the door. And instead of mourning the end of summer, we are looking forward to the colder season. After all, what’s not to like? Rustling leaves, cosy evenings on the couch and, most of all, plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables! In particular, lots of pumpkins are harvested at this time of the year, meaning they are an integral item on any weekly shopping list. Soup Weather A plateful of creamy pumpkin soup is simply a m
Curry is not a spice in the true sense of the word, but rather a mixture of spices that can contain more than 30 different ingredients. After the British colonised India in the 18th century, they brought a simplified spice mix for a typical Indian stew back home with them. This is how curry came to Europe. This spice mix gets its vibrant yellow colour from curcuma, also called turmeric. Other common ingredients are chili, coriander seed, cloves, cumin, fennel seeds, pepper, cardamom, ginger and mace. Whi
Holà, Mexico! Mexican cuisine is trending. Colourful, spicy and vivacious, it delights fans, among other things, with its great variety of dishes such as tacos, tortillas and guacamole. And the best thing is: you can easily prepare burritos and wraps at home with the °SensoRed® crêpe pan. The colour change in the °SensoRed® crêpe pan's nonstick coating helps chefs identify the ideal time for pouring in the batter. This means that even the first crêpe will be perfect, and you can also easily prepare other