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Homemade chicken broth is a warming and invigorating beginning for a hearty chicken soup. Plus, it’s scientifically proven that chicken broth has an anti-inflammatory effect to help relieve cold symptoms. That's one reason we love this kitchen classic, especially in winter. It’s a common misconception that making homemade chicken broth is complicated and time consuming. With our quick and easy recipe, you’ll be your own homemade broth again and again. Preparing the broth in a pressure cooker intensifies the flavor and makes the process super fast. Ingredients for homemade chicken broth: ● a whole soup chicken (or a whole chicken) ● a bunch of greens● an onion● a bunch of smooth parsley● two bay leaves● whole peppercorns● a clove● salt Soup chickens (or a whole chicken) are widely available in your local grocery store. Pat dry the chicken and remove neck or gizzards, if any, from the center cavity. Place in a large pressure cooker. Add cleaned and cut greens, parsley, salt and spices.
Dumplings are an ideal accompaniment for a festive holiday roast, and they can absorb a lot of sauce for added flavor. There is a surprisingly wide range of dumpling recipes, and they can be a hit for dessert as well as for dinner. We present a wintry dumpling recipe that keys off the unique taste of pretzel rolls. Recipe: pretzel dumplings with herbs Ingredients 5 pretzels from the day before1 onionteaspoon of butter lard 300 ml milk½ bunch smooth parsley2 eggspepper, salt Preparation: 1. Cut the pretzels into small p
The Souspreme Multi Pot makes cooking any type of rice faster and more consistent. Getting perfectly cooked rice with the ideal texture every time requires a little bit of know-how, including water-to-rice ratio, cook time and how long to let steam release naturally. The chart below provides information on cooking common types of rice. Here are some additional tips: Always rinse your rice with cold water until the water runs clear. This process removes the excess starch, preventing sticky rice that clumps together.
Of all the one-touch programs on the Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot – and there are 18 of them – integrated sous vide may be the most intriguing. Food is cooked in a water bath for a precise amount of time at a precise temperature, for perfect results every time. Sous vide is trending because it’s an easy way to enjoy a better meal. Widely used by professional chefs for years, sous vide is ideal for meat, poultry, seafood and other proteins, because it ensures the doneness you desire. Just seal the food
Apples enrich the kitchen all year round. We’re showing the whole culinary spectrum of the apple from sweet to savory and reveal which healthy secrets are hidden under the skin. We’re also sharing our sweet and savory recipe for Apple Tarte with Lavender. Vitamins, fiber and positive side effects Americans consume about 18 pounds of fresh apples per capita each year. And rightly so! There are so many tasty apple varieties, with so many valuable nutrients. Although an apple is 85 percent water, it contain

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