Beyond wine: Beverage selections for your meal

The perfect menu includes the right drinks. Wine comes to mind, but there are many other beverages that can pair harmoniously with your dishes, including non-alcoholic beverages, which are increasingly becoming a focus of attention. Here is a quick guide to some options.

Juices Various fruit and vegetable juices can give the meal a kick of freshness and taste. Try experimenting with different juices – pure or diluted, chilled or slightly warmed, seasoned or sweetened. If a fruit juice alone is too sweet, you can mix it with sparkling water or vegetable juices. Also, some grapes product non-alcoholic fruit juice in addition to wine; for example, Merlot or Chardonnay.

Water Even water can become a star of the table. Water sommeliers select suitable water types for dishes. For strong dishes we recommend a spicy, mineral-rich water with strong carbon dioxide – for dessert sweet, sweet water tastes great. Thanks to water’s neutral taste, it sensitizes the taste buds for an even more intense experience of the food.

Beer Ever since the triumphant advance of the Craft Beers, this popular leisure drink has become important in upscale cuisine. Brewers often create unusual, multi-faceted beers that invite chefs to serve matching food pairings. A light, citrusy IPA goes well with appetizers and fish, while stout or porter is more in line with dark or grilled meats or chocolaty desserts. Have fun experimenting with the variety of flavors!

Cocktails Gin and vodka have been on the rise in recent years, and unusual cocktails are becoming more and more prevalent at mealtime. Here you can play with fresh herbs and strong spices – for example, a classic gin basil smash with fresh chili and some lemon peel. Cocktails are also quite outstanding with desserts: A lukewarm chocolate soufflé paired with a triple espresso martini tastes fantastic.

Image: © PeterCernoch / iStock