Cold Brew Tea: Infuse with flavor for a refreshing twist on taste

Iced is the way America likes its tea. The majority of tea consumed in the US is iced, and iced tea is one of our most popular beverages. One of the latest brewing trends is Cold Brew Infused Tea.Read on to find out what makes Cold Brew Tea special, and enjoy our recipe for White Cold Brew Tea with Peaches and Rose.

Cold Brew Tea for Full Flavor

The concept is simple and natural: immerse loose tea leaves in cold water for several hours, allowing it to slowly develop its full aroma. Steeping tea in hot water can create bitter flavors, but this is not a problem with cold brewed. Green and white tea should take 6-8 hours; herbal and fruit tea 8-10; and black tea about 12 hours. Loose tea is recommended, but tea bags work too. If possible, use filtered, soft water. The result is an incomparably gentle, multi-faceted tea infusion. Just serve over ice, and enjoy.

Infused Tea: An invitation to creativity

For more variety in the glass, try Infused Tea. Cold tea can be flavored with various ingredients, giving the finished tea new flavor notes. There are many interesting combinations to try, such as green iced tea with ginger, lime and water-mint – or a light oolong with orange and grapes – or fruit tea with wild berries, lavender and red basil. For a more intense taste, lightly press ingredients with a pestle before adding.

Recipe: White Cold Brew Tea with Peach and Rose


1 L cold water
6 teaspoons white tea, loose
1 ripe peach
1 tablespoon honey
a handful of edible rose petals
ice cubes


1. Stir tea leaves into water and leave for at least 6 hours or refrigerate overnight
2. Pour tea through a sieve on the following day and stir in honey
3. Cut peach into slices and lightly press in pulp
4. Stir peach and rose petals in Cold Brew Tea and leave for at least 1 more hour
5. Serve on ice