Cook Perfectly, Cook Sous Vide

    Of all the one-touch programs on the Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot – and there are 18 of them – integrated sous vide may be the most intriguing.  Food is cooked in a water bath for a precise amount of time at a precise temperature, for perfect results every time.  Sous vide is trending because it’s an easy way to enjoy a better meal.

    Widely used by professional chefs for years, sous vide is ideal for meat, poultry, seafood and other proteins, because it ensures the doneness you desire.  Just seal the food in a plastic bag and place it in the water bath for the time and temperature indicated in your recipe, and the Souspreme Multi Pot will do the rest.

    Sous vide retains nutrients and tastes better than traditional methods of cooking due to the lower temperatures and longer cooking times, with the food in a sealed bag.  The flavors, aroma, color and texture of food are enhanced. The sous vide process relaxes the fibers in meat, poultry and seafood, so the flavors of marinade and seasonings are more easily absorbed.

    Sous vide is convenient because there’s no need to continually check the food.  Just set the time and temperature and immerse the sealed bag containing the food. Sous vide ensures consistent, tasty results.

    Because the Souspreme Multi Pot remains at a steady temperature, most foods prepared sous vide can remain in the water after cooking for an extend period of time. The maintenance of the exact temperature prevents the food from cooking beyond doneness.

    What else can you do with sous vide?

    Sous vide is a practical way to cook multiple meals for those with different preferences – or allergies. Proteins can be prepared in separate bags, each with different spices and flavorings. 

    Extend the “shelf life” of your foods. Foods cooked sous vide can be cooled and then frozen. Simply thaw and reheat when needed.

    Sous vide is ideal for cooking large volumes, or when other menu items may need your attention. Simply place proteins in the sous vide bath, and let the Souspreme do the cooking for you, while you tend to other portions of the meal – or simply relax with your guests.