Fast and easy: chicken broth

Homemade chicken broth is a warming and invigorating beginning for a hearty chicken soup. Plus, it’s scientifically proven that chicken broth has an anti-inflammatory effect to help relieve cold symptoms. That's one reason we love this kitchen classic, especially in winter. It’s a common misconception that making homemade chicken broth is complicated and time consuming. With our quick and easy recipe, you’ll be your own homemade broth again and again. Preparing the broth in a pressure cooker intensifies the flavor and makes the process super fast.

Ingredients for homemade chicken broth:

● a whole soup chicken (or a whole chicken)
● a bunch of greens
● an onion
● a bunch of smooth parsley
● two bay leaves
● whole peppercorns
● a clove
● salt

Soup chickens (or a whole chicken) are widely available in your local grocery store. Pat dry the chicken and remove neck or gizzards, if any, from the center cavity. Place in a large pressure cooker. Add cleaned and cut greens, parsley, salt and spices. Fill with water until the chicken is covered. Close pressure cooker according to instructions, place on level 2 (fast cooking level) and bring to a boil on high heat. As soon as yellow ring becomes visible, reduce heat. When green ring appears, cook for 30 minutes. After the cooking time, release pressure according to instructions and open.

After cooking, remove chicken and pour broth through a large sieve or cheesecloth to separate vegetables and spices from broth.

Tip 1: Chicken meat as a deposit

You may find that the meat from a soup chicken will be too dry to eat after the long cooking time. If you want the chicken meat either for soup or another tasty creation, use a whole chicken or bone-in chicken thighs to make the broth. Once cooked, you can simply take the meat off the bone.

Tip 2: Potatoes as a soup insert

Potatoes are a delicious addition to chicken soup, and you can prepare them quickly. Pour 1 cup of water into the pressure cooker, place peeled and sliced ​​potatoes in perforated insert and cook for about 10 minutes at level 1. Release pressure according to instructions and open. Then, add to soup.

Tip 3: Make a lot and freeze

Chicken broth freezes beautifully. If you have a cold, you will always have homemade broth at hand: just defrost, warm and enjoy.

Image: ©supercat67/istock