Homemade Horchata, Deliciously Simple

Horchata is a plant-based beverage, with a long history throughout the world. While most often associated with Hispanic cultures, the beverage originated in Africa, and then it arrived in Iberia centuries ago. From there, it continued to spread, eventually ending up in the New World.

Today, numerous cultures have come to embrace this beverage which has a milk-like appearance, each with a slightly different twist. Recipes from around the world reveal countless grain-based varieties of horchata made with ingredients such as coconut, ground oats, almonds or rice.

A Traditional Horchata, Prepared in a Modern Way

Historically prepared in the home, horchata can be increasingly found bottled for sale in communities where it is enjoyed. Get back to the traditional way of preparing this refreshing beverage using the Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot.

As is true with many classic Mexican foods, horchata recipes vary in different regions. Our version is prepared with rice and cinnamon, which typically require soaking in water for 8 hours prior to blending. But this Mexican sweet rice drink can be easily and quickly prepared in the Souspreme, cutting down on the time needed to soak the rice and cinnamon.

Perfect for a warm summer afternoon, or paired with a traditional Cinco de Mayo celebratory feast, horchata is a treat you can prepare from start to finish in minutes with the Souspreme in your kitchen!



3 cups water

1 cup white rice

½ stick cinnamon

14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

½ tsp vanilla extract

1-4 cups cold water – amount varies for desired taste

Sugar, optional for added sweetness


Place 3 cups water, 1 cup rice and cinnamon stick in the Souspreme Multi Pot.

Press the “Rice” button, set time to 2 minutes and allow to cook. This ‘quick’ 2-minute pressure cook replaces the need to soak the rice overnight.

Once complete, allow unit to naturally release steam for 10 minutes, then press the Instant Pressure Release button to release any remaining steam in the unit.

Transfer rice and cinnamon with liquid to a blender. Blend on high until rice grains are blended and you have a thick, sludgy mixture.

Strain solids from the liquid, using cheese cloth, almond milk strainers, or mesh strainer, and return the liquid to a cleaned blender (free from rice and cinnamon solids).

Add condensed milk, vanilla and blend. Gradually add water until desired consistency is achieved. Be careful not to dilute the flavor.

Add sugar for sweetness is desired. Cool horchata if needed.

Dip glass rim in water, followed with a sugar/cinnamon mixture. Fill glass with horchata and enjoy.

Serves: 6-8

Recipe and image credit FamilyEats.net