Risotto in 5 Minutes!

During the week, we often don’t have the time or motivation to spend hours in the kitchen preparing fresh and varied meals. Especially dishes such as the popular Northern Italian classic risotto take a lot of time to prepare, which is why we tend not to make them very often. Which is sad, since this rice dish can be varied creatively using many different ingredients, and its creamy consistency makes it perfect for slightly cooler days. To bypass the long and elaborate preparation process, we will be preparing our risotto in the pressure cooker. This reduces the preparation time down to just 5 minutes. In addition, the ingredients are cooked gently and most of the vitamins and minerals remain in the food. In keeping with the season, we have decided on a risotto with fresh wild mushrooms.

Wild Mushroom and Herb Risotto


400 g wild mushrooms
1 tbsp. butter
2 finely diced shallots
200 g risotto rice
100 ml prosecco
300 ml vegetable stock
100 g mascarpone
3 tbsp. chopped herbs
80 g Parmesan, freshly grated
Pepper, freshly milled


1. Clean the mushrooms and, depending on their size, cut them in half or into quarters.
2. Heat the butter in the pressure cooker and sweat the shallots in it. Add the mushrooms and fry briefly. Then add in the risotto rice and fry briefly. Pour in the prosecco and the vegetable stock.
3. Close the pressure cooker in accordance with the instructions, set the control valve in the lid to 2 (speed setting) and heat up the contents at maximum temperature. When the yellow ring appears, turn the heat down to low. When the green ring appears, the cooking time of 5 minutes begins.
4. After the cooking time is over, allow the steam to escape from the pressure cooker and open it in accordance with the instructions.
5. Stir the mascarpone with the grated Parmesan cheese and the chopped herbs into the risotto. Season with salt and pepper.