Souspreme Multi Pot: Grains

    Save time and utilize the Souspreme Multi Pot to make hearty grains. We've put together a quick cooking guide for many types of grains.

    Tips for Cooking Grains in the Souspreme

    A variety of factors influence the optimal cooking time for each grain, including freshness of the grain, type of grain, and desired results. 

    To prepare grains with the Souspreme, use the suggested cooking time as a starting point. You may need to experiment to find the perfect cook time for your desired results.

    If, after the cycle has completed, and the grains are not fully cooked, bring the Souspreme back to pressure and cook the grains 1-2 minutes longer.

    Adding a bit of fat or oil will help reduce the amount of froth produced during the cooking process. Too much may clog the pressure valve in the Souspreme.

    Once cooking is completed, you may need to drain the grains in a colander to remove any excess water, which is normal.

    Remember that cooking time starts when the unit is fully pressurized, and it does not include the pre-heating phase.

    No need to presoak the grains if you are cooking in the Souspreme, however it is a good idea to wash the grains thoroughly prior to adding them to the pot.

    Multigrain Button Instructions

    1.     Rinse grains prior to placing in the pot.

    2.     Close the lid, then secure it by turning it counter-clockwise to lock it in place. Turn the Pressure Release Valve (see Product Features) to Seal.

    3.     Press the MULTIGRAIN button. P20 (20 minutes) will show on the LED display. Press the plus and minus buttons (+) and (-) or the Cooking Time button to change the time setting. Then, wait 3 seconds. It will start cooking and the time will start counting down.

    4.     When the cooking is complete, the multi pot will beep. Allow for natural release of the steam as noted for each grain. Then press the Instant Pressure Release Button for quick release. Safety Note: Using the quick release method will release extremely hot steam into the air. This can cause burns. Please use oven mitts to protect your hands and arms, and keep all body parts, including the face, away from the steam vent.

    5.     Once the steam is released, carefully turn the lid clockwise to unlock it. Remove the cooking pot using oven mitts for safety. Safety Note: Remember to never force the lid open. The lid will only release when the pressure is fully released.

    If grains are cooked and liquid remains in the pot, drain grains prior to using

    6.     If you do not remove the lid, the multi pot will automatically switch to KEEP WARM (66). You can press the CANCEL button to turn the multi pot off.