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    Easy to make, refreshing to drink – homemade ginger lemonade puts a spicy twist on a classic summer drink. It’s a beverage with personality to sip and savor. Ingredients: 4-inch piece of ginger ½ cup brown sugar 4¼ cups water 5 stems of mint ¾ cup fresh lemon juice 1 lemon Preparation: 1. Cut unpeeled ginger into thin slices and bring to a boil briefly with sugar and water. Then, remove from stovetop. 2. Remove mint leaves from stems and place in liquid. Keep a few leaves for garnish. 3. Let liquid coo
    Horchata is a plant-based beverage, with a long history throughout the world. While most often associated with Hispanic cultures, the beverage originated in Africa, and then it arrived in Iberia centuries ago. From there, it continued to spread, eventually ending up in the New World. Today, numerous cultures have come to embrace this beverage which has a milk-like appearance, each with a slightly different twist. Recipes from around the world reveal countless grain-based varieties of horchata made with ingredients such
    In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo celebrations are primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla, where in 1862, the Mexican army was victorious over the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla. It served more as a symbolic victory for the Mexican Government, wh