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    Whether for appetizers, dinner or dessert, a cheese plate is a classic and a highlight of your table. With little effort, a sophisticated cheese plate can be easily arranged. Check out our tips for the perfect composition, matching side dishes, and the right wine for a great evening. Overall, about 5 to 8 different cheeses should be featured. Rustic wooden planks or slate and marble slabs, are perfect for serving. The best cheeses Ideally there should be five to eight different cheeses in different degrees of hardness and wort. For example, one from each group: ● a mild soft cheese, for example Camembert or Brie ● a semi-hard cheese such as Morbier, Reblochon or young Gouda ● a hard cheese like Cheddar, Gruyère or Emmentaler ● a ripened hard cheese like Comté or old Gouda ● a goat or sheep's milk cheese, for example Pecorino, Bûche du Pilat or Manchego ● a blue cheese such as Gorgonzola or Rochebaron ● or a red cheese such as Taleggio, Munster or Chaumes Harmonious and unusual side dishes If the cheese plate is served as a main course, pair it with bread. A classic baguette, focaccia or flatbread make good choices. Good olive oil, a little butter or seasoned cream cheese can

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