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When you want a lift, there’s nothing like hot, fluffy waffles! Waffles are the epitome of cosines – especially in winter – and their flavor can arouse childhood memories. It is even better when the waffles are paired with a variety of ingredients that give the whole dish a modern twist. Flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter, baking powder, a pinch of salt and vanilla – preparing fluffy waffles is easy and fun. They are often topped with powdered sugar, applesauce or fresh fruit. How about some variety? The waffle season has just begun! Fiery: Flambé fruits Flambé fruits are great to serve and fun to prepare. Find the right, safe space for this by making sure that anything flammable is out of reach. Fruit choices include red wine poached pears, boiled plums with spices, or apple slices with butter. Flambé a small glass of high-proof alcohol (at least 40% vol.) Over the fruit, light with a long match and wait until the flame goes out. Highly suitable types of alcohol are cognac, whiskey o
A deliciously fruity jam adds a special touch to toast or scones. And when it is homemade, it tastes even better! But how do you prepare this sweet fruit spread at home? We will show you how to easily turn fresh fruit into jam and give you useful knowledge about this classic fruity treat. Jam or jelly? Jam is made from fresh fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, plums and oranges, along with sweeteners. If it is made from fruit juice rather than fruit, then it is called jelly. This contains no fruit pieces. Which f
Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries – these small colorful fruits are great and among the best that summer brings to our plate! Whether in ice cream or a smoothie, or simply eaten by themselves, their sweet-sour taste is unique and will enhance any fruity creation. Filled with nutrition Berries are a true superfood and provide us with lots of vitamins, minerals and nutritional benefits, with minimal calories. As a result, they have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can reduce the risk of cancer and i
When grilling season arrives, the backyard barbecue is where you want to be. From main dishes to veggies to desserts, there are so many creative grilling recipes to transform mealtime in the hot summer months and beyond. Marinate with a difference - Rubs. Dry rubs consist of salt, sugar, various spices and herbs, all combined to create the desired flavor. Because the flavor won’t infuse deep into the food, choose to go bold when creating your own rub flavors. Keep in mind, the larger the piece of meat yo
Wild strawberries have been nibbled on since the Stone Age. In ancient times, the strawberry was considered a remedy, which eventually led to their cultivation in the Middle Ages. Nothing says summertime more than the arrival of strawberries. Grocery stores, farmer markets and roadside stands are filled with juicy, sweet strawberries, ripe and ready to sweeten the season. Eat them straight from the vine, blend them in smoothies, use them to top a summer salad, or create a delicious strawberry tart. Enjoy