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    Everyone has their favorite way of preparing, and eating eggs. They can deliver nutrition, flavor and excitement when prepared properly. We’ve gathered essential information for choosing and preparing eggs, so that you can enjoy the maximum flavor, without any fuss. One Egg, Many Possibilities Scrambled, in omelets, poached, hard-or-soft-boiled, or fried, the breakfast is not boring when eggs are served. There are many other ways to enjoy eggs beyond these classics, it just takes a bit of imagination. Scramble them up and add vegetables, ham and cheese to create a hearty frittata that enriches your breakfast table; or slide those dreamy poached eggs with their creamy yolks and firm whites atop toasted bread, avocado or greens and enjoy. Egg Carton Labels: What does it all mean? There are a lot of different phrases and logos visible on egg cartons, including: Antibiotic Free: Prohibits the use of antibiotics in feed or water during growth period of pullets or while hens are laying eggs. Omega-3 Enriched: Allows cages, and feed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Free Range: Prohibits cages and requires access to outdoors. Does not regulate feed. USDA Organic: Prohibits cages and use o