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    A deliciously fruity jam adds a special touch to toast or scones. And when it is homemade, it tastes even better! But how do you prepare this sweet fruit spread at home? We will show you how to easily turn fresh fruit into jam and give you useful knowledge about this classic fruity treat. Jam or jelly? Jam is made from fresh fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, plums and oranges, along with sweeteners. If it is made from fruit juice rather than fruit, then it is called jelly. This contains no fruit pieces. Which fruits are suitable? Basically, you can cook what your heart desires. There are only two things to consider. First, whatever fruit you choose, it has to be ripe. Second, know the pectin content of the fruit, because it affects how well the jam gels. Pectin is a fruit fiber and a natural gelling agent. In the case of fruits with a low pectin content – such as strawberries, cherries or rhubarb – additional pectin must be added. Fruits with a high pectin content – such as apples, red currants, quinces or citrus fruits – the jam binds itself during cooking. How to cook - step by step Let’s start with a classic: cherry jam. 1. First, boil the canning jars and lids to ster