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Coconut oil, olive oil, peanut oil – these are just a few of the infinite variety of vegetable oils. Oils are made from a variety of fruits and seeds. Here is an introduction to five important varieties of "liquid gold” – with information on which oil is best for which purpose. Refined - or rather cold pressed? Vegetable oils can be native and refined oils. Native edible oils are extracted gently, strictly by pressing, and without heat. This is also known as cold pressing, and it retains more heat-sensitive vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. In refined oils, texture and plant remains are removed from the oil by a chemical process. This makes the oil more heat-resistant and makes it last longer, but it loses some of its culinary value. While refined oils are neutral in taste and therefore more universally applicable, the cold-pressed oils retain an intensive, strong taste of the respective fruit. Olive oil - Mediterranean classic For thousands of years people worship the olive tre
It’s the buzzing center of every kitchen: the fridge. Although it’s been around for decades, there are still many fridge mysteries. What belongs in each compartment? How can I save energy? How do I make perishable food last longer? Here are tips for a better organized fridge that saves energy and keeps food fresh longer. What goes where in the fridge? Different compartments are designed for different foods. The fruit and vegetable drawer at the bottom keep produce fresh and crisp longer. The drawer above is the cold
Grilling is not just for meat, fish and poultry. Fruit is a deliciously sweet option for your next BBQ. Here are some tips, plus a recipe for grilled mango and peach skewers! 1. Choose the right fruits Not all fruit works well on the grill, so choose wisely. Try grilling pitted fruits such as plums, peaches, apricots and mangos. Other dense fruits, such as pineapples, melons, figs, and pears, will also work for a variety of creative desserts or accompaniments for the main meal. 2. Pay attention to timing and prep
Of all the one-touch programs on the Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot – and there are 18 of them – integrated sous vide may be the most intriguing. Food is cooked in a water bath for a precise amount of time at a precise temperature, for perfect results every time. Sous vide is trending because it’s an easy way to enjoy a better meal. Widely used by professional chefs for years, sous vide is ideal for meat, poultry, seafood and other proteins, because it ensures the doneness you desire. Just seal the food
Everyone has their favorite way of preparing, and eating eggs. They can deliver nutrition, flavor and excitement when prepared properly. We’ve gathered essential information for choosing and preparing eggs, so that you can enjoy the maximum flavor, without any fuss. One Egg, Many Possibilities Scrambled, in omelets, poached, hard-or-soft-boiled, or fried, the breakfast is not boring when eggs are served. There are many other ways to enjoy eggs beyond these classics, it just takes a bit of imagination. Sc