Adamant® Classic Nonstick Frying Pan

  • Highly scratch-resistant, water-based non-stick coating with silicon carbide particles
  • Energy-efficient Fissler CookStar® base for optimal heat distribution
  • Fissler Classic pan body with rounded shape for easy sautéing & stirring
  • Rivet-free ergonomic handle for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Premium quality - Made in Germany



$99.95 - $109.95

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Article No.: PROD_124962
Adamant® Classic Nonstick Frying Pan

The Adamant® Classic is a workhorse in the kitchen. You will reach for this classic pan to make anything from the simplest eggs to an elegant sole meunière. The durable non stick surface requires less oil and releases food with ease. The pans stand up to daily use, including metal utensils and dishwashing. Made in Germany - Since 1845.

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Product type Conical
Material Aluminium
Collection Adamant® Classic
Made in Germany
Color Charcoal
Handle material Plastic
Interior surface Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
Brand Fissler
Warranty 5 yr

Features and Benefits

Made in Germany

Fissler has always stood for premium cookware made in Germany. But we create much more than exclusive pots, pressure cookers and pans. For generations, we in Idar-Oberstein have lived our pure passion for cooking and brought its most beautiful form out in our products – forged from stainless steel, heart and soul. We do this to inspire and excite passionate cooks all over the world. And to express one thing above all - our appreciation. For the chef, for precious ingredients, and for the special moments and atmosphere that flood our house when we cook for the people we love.


  • Best non stick finish on the market

    This is an excellent product. It is key not to overheat the pan. I never put it higher than medium heat. This is my second Fissler frying pan. This one however is not perfectly round, one side is slightly bent in.

    - Christine Andrews
  • Can you fall in love with a pan?

    Yes! Yes! Und Ja! My new gas stove has hot spots :( Yet, this Adamant pan makes these hot spots go away! Steaks (beef, chicken, pork) are all evenly brown and cooked. The non-stick is amazing even with daily use. I use very little oil for eggs (sunny side up and/or scrambled). I do handwash this pan but that is because I use it several times a day. My boss laughed at me for carrying this pan all the way from Germany to California (it was my souvenir from a business trip) but I plan to get more pots and pans in the Adamant collection.

    - Madeleine Phillips
  • Excellent product

    I purchased several of these frying pans in different sizes and I couldn’t be happier. Nothing sticks to it not like other frying pans I had before. I highly recommend the adamant products.

    - Christel Ratzenberger
  • So far so good

    We have the 11" comfort version and decided to get this version to replace a more traditionally shaped non-stick we had been using. We really like both of these. Now it's a matter of time to see how well the non-stick coating holds up. I know they say you can use metal, but no way am I going to do that on such an expensive non-stick pan.

    - Anonymous