Adamant® Comfort Nonstick Fry Pan and Wok, 3 Piece Set


Article No.: SETI_1125049
Adamant® Comfort Nonstick Fry Pan and Wok, 3 Piece Set
SKU: 159-105-03-0000
EAN: 4009209381640
Weight 8.4 lbs
Material Aluminium
Collection Adamant®
Made in Germany
Color Black
Number of items in set 3 pieces
Interior surface Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
Exterior surface Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
Brand Fissler
Warranty 5 yr

Features and Benefits

Made in Germany

Fissler has always stood for premium cookware made in Germany. But we create much more than exclusive pots, pressure cookers and pans. For generations, we in Idar-Oberstein have lived our pure passion for cooking and brought its most beautiful form out in our products – forged from stainless steel, heart and soul. We do this to inspire and excite passionate cooks all over the world. And to express one thing above all - our appreciation. For the chef, for precious ingredients, and for the special moments and atmosphere that flood our house when we cook for the people we love.


  • Incomparable nonstick performance

    The nonstick performance of these pans is vastly better than anything I've ever used before. It's like science fiction, as if some invisible force field prevents the food from ever touching the surface of the pan. These pans truly redefine what "nonstick" means. The ergonomics of the pans are also exceptional. Having had these pans for only a few weeks, I don't have sufficient data to judge their durability/reliability. My expectation for nonstick pans is to get good service from them for a few years, not a few decades. If these pans provide their current level of performance for at least a few years, I'll consider my money very well spent, and will gladly buy them again.

    - Tony S
  • Five star

    Super happy with the purchase. Such a good product.

    - Anonymous
  • Everything's great

    High quality, I repeat again and again with the Fissler brand

    - Anonymous
  • Very good

    I love these! I enjoy a lot!

    - Anonymous