Open Box - Vitavit® Premium Pressure Cooker, 8.5 Quart

  • Four cooking levels for gentle and fast cooking, including pressureless steam cooking level
  • Cooking crown with traffic light function
  • Practical placement aid and locking indicator
  • Novogrill® waffled surface for optimal frying and searing
  • Satin-finished body sustainably manufactured from up to 90% recycled stainless steel
  • Includes steaming basket and tripod
  • Premium quality - Made in Germany
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Open Box - Vitavit® Premium Pressure Cooker, 8.5 Quart
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In 1953, the triumph of the Vitavit® range began, the first to be equipped with a multi-stage cooking valve, making pressure cooking safe for private households worldwide. Over the past 65 years, the Vitavit® range has won many awards for its design and functionality. The Vitavit® Premium represents the evolution of the iconic pressure cooker from 1953 and impresses with a variety of smart functions.

  • set-up aid
  • 4 cooking levels
  • removable handle with locking indicator
  • Cookstar® all-stove base
  • Measuring scale inside
  • stackable

Made of high-quality, satin-finished 18/10 stainless steel, it is extremely resistant and insensitive to rust. Four adjustable cooking levels allow gentle to quick cooking to the point and ensure that important vitamins are preserved. A pressureless steam cooking stage is also integrated. Thanks to the cooking display with traffic light function, the pressure in the pot can be easily checked. With the help of the steam-off function on the cooking crown and handle, the pressure can be reduced easily and conveniently as required.

The Novogrill® frying surface is ideal for preparing vegetables and meat with low fat and a grilling effect. Using the insert, even complete meals can be cooked at the same time, as well as side dishes and desserts can be prepared.

The Vitavit® Premium is suitable for all types of cooker and equipped with the Cookstar® all-stove base. As a result, it offers ideal heat absorption, distribution and storage.

The perfect pressure cooker for discerning connoisseurs who want to cook quickly yet healthily!

Weight 10.1 lbs
Dimensions 11.6 Inch 18.5 Inch 8.7 Inch
Weight 6.9 Inch
Product type Conical
Material High quality steel
Collection Vitavit® Premium
Diameter Base 9.1 Inch
Size 10.2 Inch
Product kind Pressure cooker
Color Stainless steel / Silver
Handle material 114046
Interior surface ground
Exterior surface satin finish
Brand Fissler
Warranty 3
Recommended stove field size 21 cm

Features and Benefits

Made in Germany

Fissler has always stood for premium cookware made in Germany. But we create much more than exclusive pots, pressure cookers and pans. For generations, we in Idar-Oberstein have lived our pure passion for cooking and brought its most beautiful form out in our products – forged from stainless steel, heart and soul. We do this to inspire and excite passionate cooks all over the world. And to express one thing above all - our appreciation. For the chef, for precious ingredients, and for the special moments and atmosphere that flood our house when we cook for the people we love.