adamant 12.2" Wok with High Metal Lid

adamant wok - scratch-resistant thanks to extremely robust sealing.

adamant 12.2" Wok with High Metal Lid

adamant wok - scratch-resistant thanks to extremely robust sealing.

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adamant 12.2" Wok with High Metal Lid

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EAN : 4009209373003

Sounds familiar? It’s hectic in the kitchen and the food is sizzling away on the hob. You just want to quickly turn the ingredients, absent-mindedly reach for a metal kitchen utensil – and before you know it your favourite pan is scratched. How annoying! To make sure that never happens again, Fissler has developed two lines of scratch-resistant pans: adamant comfort, adamant classic, adamant wok and adamant serving pans.

The secret lies in an extremely tough finish containing silicon carbide particles. These form an innovative surface texture that is as hard as stone and even permits the use of metal kitchen utensils! The adamant features very good nonstick properties and outstanding thermal conductivity, making it perfect for both gentle and crispy frying.

This robust pan is characterised by its timeless design. With its cookstar all-hob base, it is suitable for every type of hob, including induction. The specially developed Fissler planium manufacturing process guarantees that the base will lie totally flat on the stove – the best prerequisite for even heat distribution from the base to the rim of the pot – while saving energy. Its ergonomic comfort grip makes the adamant easy to handle, for example, when tossing food. A premium quality glass lid or clippix spatter shield are available.

A perfect add-on for the adamant is the stainless-steel spatter shield which keeps hot fat and water from spraying uncontrollably. Another practical accessory is the premium quality glass lid: it keeps your work surfaces clean and frees up your both hands for other activities.

Weight 4.90 lbs
Size 16 x 13 x 7 inch
Package size 16 x 13 x 7.1
Capacity 4.5 qt
Materials Aluminium
Diameter 12 inch
Country of production DE
Product kind Wok with two Handles
Body height 3.3 Inch
Surface outside Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
ovenproof up to 220 °C

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